Wednesday, January 25, 2012



By Kivuva Mutua
Nairobi, Kenya
Narc Kenya boss Martha Karua’s chest thumping and outbursts about her alleged big achievements and plans when she served as Minister for Water between 2003 – 2006 cannot go unchallenged.
Addressing curious onlookers who had turned up at her presidential campaign meetings in Kitui County last week, the Gichugu Member of Parliament sought to paint a glossy and openly exaggerated picture of her achievements and show case it as a selling point of her capacity to serve the people better, hence the justification to seek a favorable vote in her quest to succeed president Kibaki come the next General Elections.
But we the people of Ukambani find it stupid and open madharau for her to make wild allegations to the effect that her “great work” at Maji House got messed up due to corruption brought in by successive regimes at Maji House.
Madam Karua once dubbed the ‘only man in PNU” for strongly defending the transgressions of the then ruling Mt. Kenya mafia and most remembered for shouting loudest and most violent at the KICC in defense of election rigging in late December 2007, should be the last person to talk to Kenyans about good leadership.
She knew very well that the Mt. Kenya Mafia blatantly rigged the 2007 elections to protect corruption, failed leadership and ethnic chauvinism, yet there she was protecting the rigging at KICC. Shame on her!
It is obvious that her choice of Ukambani villages and markets to attack her successors at Maji House was meant to demean, defame and abuse Ukabani leaders. This is because she was succeeded immediately in that docket by Mr. Muta Katuku (former MP for Mwala) and later in 2008 by the current holder Mrs. Charity Kaluki Ngilu (MP for Kitui Central).
Now it is only a fool who imagines that she can go to a place and belittle and abuse area leaders in the presence their supporters. When you tell a people that “those leaders you elected are jinga or bure” you are telling those voters that they (voters) are indeed the ones who are useless or foolish! So Mrs. Karua drove all the way to Kitui to abuse Ukambani voters. Yet still urge them to support her 2012 presidential bid. What an irony!
Besides, this misguided, cantankerous and uncultured politician from Gichugu should be told in very strong terms that it is common knowledge that the recent and current corruption allegations rocking Maji House are as a result of an ethnic arrangement she had put in place to Pora the Ministry and the Water Pipeline Corporation before she left.
We know Hon. Mutua Katuku went to the ministry at a time of heightened political activity and kept off her misdeeds. But when Hon. Ngilu landed there and firmly said no to the corrupt architecture in place, Madam Karua pushed her sidekick and fellow ethnic chauvinists Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri to set up Mrs. Ngilu, scandalize her and other senior officials working to correct and stop the corruption cartel there and explode a storm aimed at ejecting the minister to pave way for the posting of a minister who would restore the cartel. This was after their attempts to blackmail her into submission to play ball failed miserably.
When Hon. Kiunjuri’s connish games of blackmail against Hon. Ngilu and good water ministry officials got ugly and embarrassing leading to his transfer to Public Works Ministry by president Kibaki, the cartel under the guidance of Mrs. Karua sent Hon. Kiunjuri to KACC with cooked up scandals to choke and suffocate Mrs. Ngilu and team out of office.
It should be noted that part of the major rip offs Mrs. Karua had long organized before leaving Maji House was on major dams and boreholes in Ukambani and other arid areas of Kenya. Most firms undertaking these works belong to their tribesmen and in other cases are Asian fronts commissioned by the same clique/cartel. There is overwhelming evidence to this!
On many of these projects, most which lie incomplete and which the Karua clique is working hard to blame Mrs.Ngilu costs were inflated and there were elaborate plans to engineer expensive variations for completion of works. We now talk of white elephants.
Proceed from these were to be given out to facilitator as commissions while the bulk of it were to be used for Mrs. Karua’s 2012 presidential campaigns.
Has it not surprised Kenyans that in the Kiunjuri pushed water projects investigations KACC only went for officials and traders suspected to be close to Hon. Ngilu while many others mainly contractors with multi-million scandals on water projects are being protected? Can Mrs. Karua and Kiunjuri tell Kenyans why the Kikuyu owned companies involved in mega scandals in this ministry were spared?
Hon Karua should not take Kenyans for fools! We recall that apart from President Kibaki’s many mistakes that galvanized the big opposition to his rule in 2007, one other cry was that Mrs. Karua had bulldozed the ministry of water to allocate more funds for water projects in her native Central province while neglecting or sidelining more deserving areas of the country. For instance, her Kirinyaga backyard or even Othaya was allocated more money for water projects than whole provinces, elsewhere e.g. Western and Nyanza put together, Eastern, Coast etc. That annoyed many.
She should be told that we know and anguish at the fact that members of the  thieving cartel she and Kiunjuri put in place have been on the rampage assassinating several strategically placed senior officials in the Ministry and the Water Corporation to cover up scandals or silence those undoing their thievery. The mysterious fire that burnt down the Water Pipeline Corporation Headquarters sometime back is still fresh in our memories.
Madam Karua should know that under her watch her cronies at the Corporation and Water Boards stole government revenue by writing off major water bills belonging to non paying companies and tycoons in exchange for major kick backs. And we know that is how she got the hundreds of millions to put up her big hotel in Nyali, Mombasa plus the many commercial and rental houses she owns . Thus she joined Kenya Politics' from rags to riches corruption lords like Dr. Chris Murungaru, Kiraitu Murungi and the infamous YK’ 92 boys.

We won’t sit back and tolerate Mrs. Karua’s belittling of Ukambani leaders. She now has come out openly to fight progressive Ukambani leaders and reveal her hitherto hidden belief that Kamba people are to be confined to poverty and lack of water so that they can be easily swayed during elections using Molio. We reject this! She sounded like a newly recruited disciple of Kalonzo Musyoka, the Master of “Molio Politics’. Washindwe!