Monday, August 9, 2010





6:40 PM (14 hours ago)
Dear Jerry,

You already published for me on your blog - Africa New Online an article
Would you be so courageous, democratic, unbiased, indiscriminate, just, upholding
freedom of expression to publish for me this article which I sent to Daily Nation and
New Vision which denied it. I pleaded with them to at least acknowledge receipt thereof,
but to no avail if fell into deaf ears. Seeing they see not, Hearing they hear not, nor shall
they understand.

Mr. Okungu, be the hero of Africa today and publish my article in which I took on Dr. Osanjo
I sent it to Dr. Osanjo too. Misunderstand me not, I am defending peace and security. I hate
violence and I am adamant to stem out the links to violence and conflicts.

I saw to yours and Dr. Osanjo's articles, encouraging further hatred, differences, conflict,
violence and disharmony. You are giving a stick to every violence-monger on each side of
Somalia and Kenya to beat the innocents on both sides.

By Allah, if you knew how much of incentive and fueling the fire of violence is your articles
to every trouble maker, you're destroying Somalia. This article of yours:
AU should occupy Somalia and rule her for 50 years contributed to the rationalizing of
violence against you, why?. because you are being portrayed now as an enemy who is against
the freedom, independence and sovereignty of Somalia.

Yet, like Dr. Osanjo, you imported a very sensitive issue ZIONIST OCCUPATION which is by and
large irrelevant to the regional conflict. Why Apartheid wall?!. Why punish whole two nations for
the alleged crime of the few?!. If you're a Christian, then where is the ideal turn your other cheek?!.
Where's the forgiveness?!. Love the sinner and hate the sin. Love your enemy. Would Jesus peace
and blessings of Allah be upon him build a wall of apartheid against his enemy?!.

I was shocked to read your articles, the Kenyan people are sweet and nice, peace loving, hospitable,
Please don't create havoc and mischief in between them. It's well known that Mossad is strong in
Kenya and Uganda. Our African ties, relation, fraternity, harmony, should be prioritized. It's I and you
and Dr.Osanjo who will perish. I know that I have been a bit aggressive in this article of mine, but please
show courage and publish it. Let me know your stand and attitude please. tell me if you're going to
publish it and if not tell me why?!. We can discuss, I am very keen to discuss or debate with you and
Dr. Osanjo on your articles. I am very understanding, open-minded, and honest about it.
This is an individual effort of mine, pan Africanism, I don't belong to any political or religious group or
party in Somalia. In fact I am against all and agree with the purest form of Islamic practice.

I am keenly awaiting for your reply

Idris Ahmed Osman