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By Idris Ahmed Osman

In Jerry Okungu's article published in the Ugandan New Vision on Friday July 16th 2010:

AU should occupy Somalia and rule her for 50 years year

Quote: Let us build a wall to seal off Somalia in the same way Israel has done with Gaza so that terrorists can be confined to Mogadishu where they can annihilate themselves for all we care. A hi-tech security fence along the 682-km long Kenyan-Somalia border would do much to stem the entry of terrorists, explosives and contraband. Going by conservative Israeli estimates, the cost would be $2 million per kilometer.

Oyamo Osanjo reverberates it in the Kenyan Daily Nation on Friday July 28th 2010.

There are ways in which Africa can defeat the murderous al Shabaab

Quote: His Israeli counterpart, Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovich, told him that one effective way Israel has applied to contain Hamas is through erecting a security wall along the Gaza border.

Going after Al Shabaab, in a regional issue, I think should not necessitate the citation of the ruthless and barbaric Zionist occupation of the holy land of Palestine, a political quagmire nearly 2000 miles away from the epicenter of the conflict. The concerted concurrence of the above two comments with the same wording and context reveals the real identity of the virtual sponsors: the Mossad.

As the probability of mere coincidence between the two comments can be ruled out, while Mr. Okungu's insignificant waffle on the subject was utter nonsense; Mr. Osanjo has gone too far in acting on his Zionist brainwash to have no the least humane conscience but only parrot the Israeli internal security Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovich, saying,

At the time the minister was in Israel, the world was learning of the assassination of a Hamas high commander in Dubai, referring to the scandalous murder of the Palestinian freedom fighter Mr. Mabhouh in Dubai on January 19th 2010.

On the Zionist pre-emptive attack on the Freedom boat “Flotilla” carrying life-saving humanitarian food and medicine for the beleaguered helpless people of Gaza, which left a dozen of peaceful, unarmed, activists dead and many other injured, shocking the whole world, he barked, the Gaza naval blockade has severely crippled the capacity of extremists, for without rockets, Hamas youths can only hurl stones that bounce off Israeli tanks. A military blockade of Somalia would enhance the security of Kenya and the rest of East Africa.

Both commentators imagine that playing to the tune of their Mossad masters by importing the marginal Middle Eastern affairs into the East African context, by assimilating Hamas with Al Shabaab, can influence the East African nations and negatively polarize them against the just Palestinian cause, shows their shallow level of IQ.

Looking through the prism of their Zionist masters, both commentators are unaware of the fact that the head of the Israeli Mossad, Meir Degan is dug in the ground as he fell in a flagrant scandal, the worst in Israeli's intelligence history, it’s naïve and unpremeditated move which caused painful repercussions after abusing documents of some of Israeli's closest EU allies.

Let alone to rob the public opinion and exploit the regional political affairs in favour of the Zionist atrocities in Palestine, thanks the almighty, the East African people in Kenya and Uganda are more enlightened about the Zionist occupation's brutal mass murder of innocent civilians in Palestine, mainly women and children.

I don't really appreciate the point of instigating hostility between the East African nations of Somalia, Kenya and Uganda and why an Apartheid wall- shame on you as an African, reminder of South Africa's dark history- like that of the Zionists which is being condemned by Human Rights Organizations all over the world, Amnesty International, UN Security Council, Traditional and True Torah Jews Against Zionism, every good Rabbi, The Christian Churches and The Vatican, The whole Muslim World, and individual intellectuals like Noam Chomsky- a Jewish peace activist against

Zionist occupation who was, by the way, barred from entering the occupied land to lecture at Beir Zieit University and Norman Finkelstein also a Jewish academic who was denied tenure at De Paul University but still avowed never to shut up. I would be delighted if Mr. Osanjo and his internal security George Saitoti had humbled themselves and ignored Zionist Yitzhak Aharonovich’ s consultation and read Prof. Norman Finkelstein's eye opening book: Beyond Chutzpah-On The Misuse of Anti-Semitism and Abuse of History.

Coming back to Somali-Kenyan good neighborhood relations and peaceful co-existence which Mr. Osanjo is trying to spin in the direction of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict, instigating anti-Somali sentiment among the good Kenyan people, such obnoxious and wanton attempt will definitely be doomed to failure. No wonder for a good student like Osanjo, fishing in troubled waters is his master's historic characteristic trait that's, in the current global context, riding on the so called “war on terror” tide to reach own goals. Both Kenya and Uganda accommodate large number of good and

law-abiding citizens of Somali origin, in addition to the unbreakable harmonious neighborhood ties with Somalia. There's also long traditional socio-economic bond between Kenya and Somalia whose severance will have negative impact on both.

How feeble-minded it's to suggest overnight erection of an apartheid wall dissecting between the twin countries. We're not in the medieval age where castles kept the enemies at bay. Yet, the determination of Man is permeable even to walls of concrete iron.

The whites in South Africa imprisoned the heroic freedom fighter Nelson Mandela for decades between four walls, it availed naught to keep south Africa under apartheid regime and eventually the wall of the strong tyrant had been demolished by the relentless determination and morale of the weak.

Every good Somali has been deeply shocked by the callous and barbaric killing of innocent civilians both in Somalia and across the borders. The recent awful incident in Kampala caused pitiful stomach-churning emotions and sadness among Somalis.

Furthermore your ill-fated proposal will do more harm than good for the political strategy of the regional leaders as they will not buy to overlapping the two poles apart issues of the Middle East and Africa, the way you cunningly tried to portray it to the East African audience. Your misled and repugnant proposal of the evil apartheid wall of separation inspired by your Zionist masters would play into the hands of Al Shabaab to claim a Zionist involvement in the East African conflict, a wakeup call that would reinforce Al Shabaab’ s cause not only in Somalia but also on a regional scale.

Hence, your article is enough evidence for which both Mr. Kibaki and Museveni could legally issue an indictment warranty against you on the basis of endangering the internal security of their two countries, provided Mr. George Saitoti prioritized his country's interests over your friendship and Israel's political interests in the region.

Until the recent insidious and inhumane bomb attacks, externally displaced Somalis found safe haven in Kenya and Uganda while highly commending the good hospitality of the Kenyan and Ugandan peoples.

The civilized world today abhors segregation walls of confinement, remnants of the ancient walls built to repel intruding enemies like the symbolic China Wall and Modern day hate-mongering Zionist Apartheid Wall, same as it vents out its anger and resistance on global terrorism.

By the advent of bringing down the Berlin Wall; the civilized world, contrary to the dark world in which you and your Zionist masters still live, has come to know that it's not wall barriers which can defeat the enemy nor resist its evil intention but only by winning minds and hearts of your fellow human being with smiles, kindness and mercy.