Sunday, November 10, 2013



 By Fidel Wangai 
1:53 PM (3 hours ago)

to lettersme
That was my reaction when I saw the Senator for Mayakos, Johnstone Muthama claim that his rich life is in danger. What is the big deal with his life? Our lives are all in danger.

The difference between his danger and mine is that whereas his is as a result of his "POLITICAL STAND", mine is due to my POVERTY KNEELING. Yes I am living on my knees hoping I will die on my feet someday.

See, unlike Johnstone Muthama and his rich boyfriends, I am not entitled to 24hr ARMED PROTECTION from personal bodyguards. Unlike him, my rural home is not assigned an armed AP round the clock. Unlike him, I cannot afford to erect a perimeter wall with razor wire, electric fencing, alarms, motion detectors and private guards. We get raped, robbed and murdered daily budah.

Unlike Muthama, I ride in public transport. I jump into the available matatu and have no rights to demand to see the driver's qualifications, something Muthama does when recruiting his personal driver. Most likely he will drive me straight into another vehicle or decide to park the bus across the railway line.

Unlike Muthama whose state-of-the-art vehicles are serviced at the Dealer, our masekete matatus are sodomised at Grogon by a guy who learnt the trade simply by looking at someone who also learnt by looking at someone who also...

Unlike yours Muthama which never gets stopped, our overloaded matatu or probox will be stopped by a traffic cop who will trade our lives for as little as 50 bloody shillings.

Unlike you Muthama, should you get sick, you will be flown to foreign hospitals for treatment. Meanwhile, Zack had attempted to wheelchair himself all the way to South Africa to raise funds for the construction of a spinal cord injuries centre because the Gov't cared less.

We saw the two former Ministers for Health (and currently your fellow senators) going to America for cancer treatment, didn't we? I am in danger of understaffed and ill-equipped public hospitals because I cannot afford private ones.

Unlike Muthama who can afford anything he wants, I am denied opportunities, frustrated and oppressed by the regime of tyranny and petty politics. My life is in danger of poverty, underemployment, stress, everything.

We heard you wanted to stop Governor Mutua from initiating development programs in Mayakos. Many would have lost a livelihood because of your "political stand". It is only fair to say that their livelihood was in danger. Of YOU Muthama.

Muthama if you bitch around that your life is in danger, what will the residents of Baragoi say? If you feel unsafe up there, what will we say down here? You might as well thama Kenya.

I am sure that up there you have not heard the 'little' news that an Assistant Chief of the Kenyan Gov't had been kidnapped and was only released after paying a ransom. The reason why you have not heard is because the Boss herself created such a drama that all media attention, female lawyers and legislators went her way and the Chief was left to her gods.

I am writing this, a frustrated Kenyan knowing that my little voice might be ignored. I know that the media will rush to your house if you fart but ignore the cry of the downtrodden. If this reaches you Muthama, I suggest you just shut up.

We have our own bigger problems. Why should we listen to yours?

Call the Inspector General Kimaiyo on 0722444110 and report your problems. Not the media.

The fandamendo issue here is: You are infact a danger to yourself.