Thursday, June 21, 2012



ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe. File photo.

By Ezekiel Mosia, Kroonstad
14 June, 2012 00:03

When disruptions of unity occur in an organisation, it is obligatory for such elements to be purged ("Juju running out of options", on Wednesday).

That's precisely what happened to Julius Malema.

Between 2010 and 2012, according to ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe, the party has expelled 185 members for consciously and persistently violating party rules.

Surprisingly enough, neither Tokyo Sexwale nor Fikile Mbalula ever broke a sweat calling for reinstatement of the 185 members. So, what is special about Malema?

Nothing, really . Malema merely used media interest in him to mould himself into a major political power broker in the ANC .

But, as we all know, the "king-maker" status was erroneously conferred to Malema as an individual instead of to the ANC Youth League, the organisation which gave him his platform.

Because of his uncontrollable tongue and inexperience in the ANC, he was seen as a useful idiot by individuals who harboured ambitions of ruling the country. The biggest mistake made by Malema was to think he had become bigger than the ANC.

Apart from living large by driving expensive sports cars and residing in mansions, he also started chiding everyone: ANC cabinet ministers, NEC members, the secretary-general of the ANC and even Jacob Zuma, all because some weak NEC members were overwhelmed by their own personal ambitions and could no longer resist the temptation to use their last chance to claim their tickets to high office.

So, what motivates them to continue making a mockery of themselves?

Well, Malema stopped short of naming and shaming them and they wanted to demonstrate their loyalty to him, given what he knows about them.

That's why they each try hard to illustrate commitment to honour their part of the bargain. But these shameless Malema backers did not deserve to be in the NEC in the first place. Such positions should be reserved for the incorruptible and selfless.