Thursday, April 12, 2012



By Wycliffe Pemba Onzere .

Mudavadi is not honest and should not drag Kenyans into his own political schemes designed to achieve his own selfish interests.

Mudavadi has been in ODM ever since he was appointed Deputy Party Leader with this clause enshrined in ODM constitution.It is not advisable to amend ODM constitution because of Mudavadi but it is more important to follow the laid down procedure to amend the constitution for the good of the whole party.

Our goal is therefore to strengthen our party as an institution on the basis of ideologies, policies and democratic principles so that it can have positive impact on lives of ordinary Kenyans .

The ODM decision to notify the registrar of political parties about the said ame

ndment is very much in order and in accordance with new constitution.

The Political Parties Act 2011 states that a party which wants to amend its constitution "...shall notify the Registrar of political parties its intention and the Registrar shall, within fourteen days after the receipt of the notification...(publish) in the Gazette. (2) The (party)...(1) shall publish such notification in at least two daily newspapers... (3) Upon the expiry of 30 days from the date of publication... (1), the party may, after taking into account any representations received from the public...effect the change or alteration in accordance with its constitution and rules.

Therefore,we are not interested in his press statements, we have a new constitution in place and Luhyas are a head of him.

We are saying No tribalism and also not ready to be auctioned like the Kamatusa and Gema.This is about us and our future. We cannot therefore eat press statements,let him respect our voting rights.
Which betrayal is he talking about? We Luhyas we are very democratic people and therefore Mudavadi should not rely on us."