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ALLIES of Prime Minister Raila Odinga are now claiming that Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi is plotting his exit from ODM. Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang, speaking on behalf of several ODM MPs, said Mudavadi was now looking for excuses to walk out of the party. “What we have seen is that the issue is no longer about the nomination rules but a blame game that these rules favour so and so. You cannot make that claim unless you have ulterior motives. He is looking for a scapegoat to run away,” said Kajwang
Kajwang is known to be close to Raila and his views are thought to represent the thinking of those closest to the PM. But yesterday Mudavadi through his spokesman Kibisu Kabatesi said the insinuation that he was planning to quit ODM was a lie. “There is not time have we plotted to leave ODM. It’s only in the hearts of people like Kajwang that we are planning to move,” Kabatesi added.
Regional Development Minister Fred Gumo tried to play down the emerging split. “I want to assure everyone that there is no fighting in ODM and those spreading the rumours do not even belong to the party, they are only interfering,” he said. Gumo said Raila had publicly declared he will support Mudavadi should he win the nomination and that Mudavadi had also promised his support to Raila if he became the ODM presidential candidate.
Allies of Raila and Musalia disagreed on Monday during the party's National Executive Committee meeting after it emerged that a little known clause in the party constitution might automatically make Raila the ODM presidential nominee. According to a report by the ODM legal committee appointed last October to amend the party's election and nomination rules, the party leader automatically becomes the party's presidential candidate.
Article 6.2.1 (a) and (b) of the party constitution states, “The Party Leader shall be the Party’s Presidential Candidate nominated by the party to contest on the party’s ticket at the Presidential elections due in the next national general elections.” Raila was re-elected party leader in 2008 for a term of five years so the legal committee argued that he should be the automatic candidate up to 2013.
Mudavadi, the ODM deputy leader, has for several weeks been criss-crossing the country canvassing for support as the party's presidential nominee. He has been demanding that the choice be conducted in a free and fair manner. “We must make proposals for nominations not out of spite and attempts to outmaneuver each other, but as honest ideas to strengthen the party," said Mudavadi who favours a collegiate system at the county level while Raila prefers the traditional national delegates conference to choose the party candidate.
Mudavadi's allies are now demanding that the ODM constitution be amended to allow other candidates to compete for the presidential ticket. Yesterday Kajwang accused Mudavadi of precipitating a crisis, where he quits claiming that the party nomination rules are undemocratic and favour one person. “This presupposes that yours is not an intention to compete from within but to break the party,” Kajwang added.
Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba said a Mudavadi exit would not kill the party. “ODM will remain strong even if Mudavadi left. Kalonzo left ODM, it remained strong. William Ruto left, we are still strong. Even if Mudavadi were to go, ODM will not be shaken,” Namwamba said. Namwamba, the parliamentary group secretary for ODM, said that the party was not about any individual but structures. “Anybody suggesting that the DPM is plotting to quit is running scared and is probably afraid of competition. Both Raila and Mudavadi have committed themselves to internal competition,” said Foreign Affairs assistant minister Richard Onyonka, Yesterday Kajwang said that if Mudavadi was genuine in his quest, he had two options to cater for his interests. “The Hon Mudavadi can either challenge the party leader for the position and be nominated, or seek an amendment to the clause,” he added.

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  • Kenyan from Kenya, i pray GOD
    Mudavadi is contemplating the best course a senior politician should take. The outbursts of RAO footsoldiers in the bodies of Orengo, Kajwang, Oburu and Nyong`o clearly shows that RAO wants Musalia out and pick another person as his running mate. From the word go, RAO has not at any forum indicated that in 2012 election mudavadi will be his running mate. The equation has been finalised and soon he will going out to declare his running mate as either Henry Kosgei, Franklin Bett or Sally Kosgei. The question of Musalia`s liability as an ODMRAO D/leader has been finalised within RAOs advisors they have fully decided to kick him out softly and if need be, forcibly. On the other side mudavadi have realised his chances are minimal considering poluted ODMRAO delegates lineup. He has already punchured the RAOs wheel exposing him to the foes. The two are politically inreconcillable and if they reconcile its just for public scene but against political ideologies. This is the most testing moment for our musalia and if balks down then his political future will be totally damaged. He should realise in politics, there is nothing like tommorrow but now. Politics is very dynamic and new players are coming daily. It is not a profession but a game of popularity creation. Mudavadi should see ahead and save his face from humiliation. He can become irrelevant if he chooses to support RAO for a second time. With the new constitution in place; musalia will be left campaigning for RAO and his running mate while he remains just a foot soldier. This will reduce his chances of being elected anything in kenya. He should tread wisely. He has a possibility of being supported by the largest voting territories in kenya (kikuyu, Embu, Meru, Kisii and kalenjins. He has no foes within them. The greatest possibility is that they will not be fielding a candidate.
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  • omutsanis
    "From the word go, RAO has not at any forum indicated that in 2012 election mudavadi will be his running mate".
    You have been away from kenya for too long,and probably only read venacular news.
    On december 26, at the mbale maragoli festival, raila declared that him and mudavadi are chanda na pete, and will be together in 2012. Iknow that for I was there, and bought the winners trophies!
    During the western sugar inauguration, he repeated the assertion. He has repeated it throughout the Ikolomani by-elections, and so many other funerals allover western.
    Now for a university lecturer, do you know anything about hypothesis, methodology, false premise, assumptions and validity?
    I have just proved that you are lying in your first premise, which means the rest of your findings are hogwash.
    Do you intent to recant, rebut or as any other scientific cheat, will stick by the lies, for the intent is to paint people in bad light?
  • vladimirovich
    Politics is about now (your own words), and so it only works for Mudavadi and not RAO or his foot soldiers? We can see through your window dressing. I wonder what you said when some leaders from those so called Mudavadi's so called friendly territories (based on tribe) called for ODM to look for Raila's running mate from elsewhere (read them) instead of Mudavadi to give it a "national outlook"! And why the greatest possibility that for instance the Kikuyu and kalenjin will not be fielding a candidate, when in rallies all over their tribal leaders(including the Ocampo 2) have insisted they will be on the ballot? You surely know the workings of the G7 and KKK.
    (Edited by author 11 hours ago)
  • silencer1
    It seems english was a difficult subject for you. What K4K is saying is that politics is about now and not tommorrow. You are promised a road by RAO but dew to GOK this doest happen and coz of inflation, it happens when you are not in power. New players will obviously use your vision to win the humanity. By putting more kachumbali, you loose even your mothers support. Again in politics, you dont own anybody. RAO should live now and not tommorrow. He should choose another person decisively to dilute mudavdis insuniations, otherwise, if he behaves otherwise then he becomes irrelevant among other senior tribes like kales and kambas. This is the wheel of politics.w
  • Okothmalu1
    This is just probability theory. What if RAO decides to declare him as running mate? It will become complicated given that somebody like bett have already offered himself as a potential one. Kosgey is already wounded by PEV and believes the leader incrimated him to ICC. This becomes a catch 22 for the leader (RAO) for the kales already feel betrayed. It is only possible for him to go for a kale running mate for inhousely, ngilu is not with him any longer. The rubber is hitting the road the hard way. Its wait and see. 
  • Omenamera
    Before they flagg you off, lets me say we have read your mature comment and we eco it. The decision that either RAO or mudavadi takes will determine their destiny. They will either become regional or irrelevant or they form the next GOK.
  • MonaOpusi
    Mudavadi has every right to plot and follow his political plan or hopes. One hopes he has
    thought it through. It may complicate RAO ascension to the presidency but it will not
    stop him. RAO is still guaranteed majority of Western votes. Mudavadi will get
    the bulk of his support from Rift Valley provided he has one of their own as
    running mate. He can forget Central Province votes. They may promise but they
    will not deliver. If it gets to a run-off, it may become more complicated for
    Raila, but, still, with his groundwork and passion for the job, (a characteristic
    Mudavadi lacks) and a helping hand from useful quarters, RAO will get there.
    RAO is the only candidate for president capable of breaking the Kenya’s
    political logjam. We need him precisely for that reason. Now argue about my
  • MohanMathew
    If Mudavadi was the real King of Mululu, he would see the ODM candidate floor the Bull fighter running on a PNU ticket. His bolting from ODM will put him in a similar situation in 2002 when he found himself among some hyenas like Jirongo. I still remember his pleading question to to Biwott: ' Are you going to leave me with these hyenas?'
    Please exercise your rights, Wycliff, but don't over-reach lest you should lose balance. No one may be there waiting to prop you up.
    OGM will no doubt be slow punctured should you exit, but will never be deflated.

  • PamMK
    More than twenty years since Mudavadi joined politics, we are yet to know what he believes in and what he stands for. For one to be an effective leader, he/she must have strong convictions that resonate with the supposedly led... then, and only then, will the led follow him safe in the knowledge that their aspirations are espoused in his/her convictions. We, his constituents, have sent him home before due to lack of an ideology... we may have to retire him for good this time.
    Mudavadi has every right to vie for the presidency but needs to believe in something before we can believe in him. What is this something???

  • PamMK
     You have no capacity to articulate my beliefs... only I can do that. I know nothing about violence... it is not my mantra. The ease with which you mention violence causes me to shudder.
    I will still wait to hear from Mudavadi on his beliefs, what he stands for and his convictions. No thread can be traced to any of what you say of him... I hope he speaks soon on this so we may follow him based on how those align with our aspirations.
  • MohanMathew
    he....he! With constituents like you, Wycliff doesn't need any private political tuition masters or advisers. You mean this time he will be in his igloo sulking all his life as Raila will be too busy to drag him out again?
  • PamMK
     This time, he may have to retire  for good. He has been in this spot before and seems to be dying for a replay. He must have missed some scenes from the previous encounter!
  • misipendiwajathiii
     And in others news,Raila has left odm and joined LDM(luo democratic movement) so that pple can stop saying that raila is odm and odm is raila and no raila no peace as was witnessed in 2007/08 mass actions.The only mps that have confirmed their shift to the little known partys include midiwo,kajwang and oburu.Ababu namwamba,the youthful politician is still relactant coz he is  not sure whether this tribal outfit will kick him out as it did with ruto,ngilu and now it was also impossible to kick musalia thus why he(raila) has opted to go it alone.Now as the things stand,raila amollo odinga is only famous in luo nyanza and very few pple who will vote for him in kibera coz since he became premier,he has done nothing to them.
  • vladimirovich
    luo democratic movement? Do you by any chance work at the registrar of political parties to know unpublished newly registered parties. I ain't heard of that one yet. as for rao only famous in luo nyanza, tell that to yourself and ask yoursel how you knew him or his name if he is not famous outside luo nyanza, for sure you are not from there as your name purports
  • misipendiwajathiii

    Since Raila appears presently to be politically fractured and is limping,
     “ Trouble with Raila is when you are
    talking with him, he is there as Raila; when he leaves and Amolo takes over, he
    forgets what Raila agreed to and Amolo rules the day.”
    An irredeemable belief that pigeonholes Raila as a politician who cannot
    play second fiddle to another candidate within a political party. He has also
    been accused of being power hungry. On both charges Raila pleads that he has
    been misunderstood. A few years back he exclusively told me thus, “I do not
    think that there is any mystique in my name Raila.You see politics is about
    people and you must understand the people.
    However Raila’s demeanour remains mired in controversy. “He has an unbridled
    quest and greed for power. The fellow is a dictator. Once he realizes that he
    will not have his way in an issue he readily stirs a rebellion and as witnessed
    in his political career politicians from his Luo community feel beholden to him
    and follow him blindly to wherever he may wish to lead them. He camouflages
    himself as a nationalist but the truth of the matter is that Raila is a tribal
    . “Because of his zealotry to rule Kenya, he will do anything to reside at
    State House. The grand march to the House on the Hill is the only thing that
    matters. All other things-truth, principles, and relationships – are just
    malleable details….The tragedy for Raila is that he is a witting victim of the
    tribal ideology that drives Kenya’s politics, And from which he has benefited
    (from)..In fact, it is not clear that Raila would be anything without the
    tribalisation of Kenya’s politics. He is the quintessential tribal baron.”
    Adding, “The ethnic baton that he so effectively wields is not an accidental
    gift. It is an inheritance from his father, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga .If
    Jaramogi rose to be king of his community, Raila was its prince. Once the old
    man passed, the hopes of the community were reposited in Raila.” If Raila has
    indeed obliterated this self-destructive image of himself then the clearest
    indication is seen the ingratiating that lately laces the commentaries of the
    professor of law that has placed Raila on the highest political pedestal,
    anointing him as the nearest thing to a perfect man to lead Kenya in the next

  • pmdawn
    Mr. Musalia Mudavadi is a real gentleman. 
    Cool, calm and collected. He's also  known for playing Rugby at Patch and later for University of Nairobi Mean Machine=He is a committed "Red Army" fan. 
    He is suave and Urbane, This is a man who went to Kileleshwa nursery and Nairobi Primary then Patch, lol!!
    I believe he means well and loves his country deeply.
    He wants Kenyans to live a dignified life. I think he deeply believes in this.
    Don't know what he has done for his constituency in Sabatia after all those years though?
    That is the true measure of a leader, what have you done for YOUR people?
    Just look at Peter Kenneth. He is a GOOD man, I think.
    Is there anyone here from Sabatia who can enlighten us on the man's development record?
    Nonetheless, I wish Mr. Musalia Mudavadi all the best of luck in his pursuit of dignity.
  • vladimirovich
    That is not news. He wanted to quit and the only way was to look for these excuses. But, BTW, can someone also remember, last year there was some subtle campaign for Raila to look for a running mate elsewhere to avoid ODM looking like a Nyanza/Western affair? There was even a time, when Uhuru paid RAO a visit and there were even "polls" suggesting that a RAO/UK ticket was formidable, with Mudavadi coming distant! This might have come from ODM detractors, but Mudavadi is also human, he must have felt really hurt at that. So, ODM, some of the things within, if true, will be your Waterloo. 
  • japolo
    This is a question to Ababu. What if everyone other than you and Raila leave?  Saying that Kalonzo and Ruto departure didn't hurt you is a lie because those who care to know appreciate that you were shaken all the way from parliament to the villages. You seem not to learn and you are now mistreating Mudavadi by disregarding him.
  • omutsanis
    In 2002, puppet master and project summoned mudavadis mama to statehouse nakuru, and dressed down mamas boy, to quit NARC, take VP slot and keep singing moi and uhuru tosha.
    Mama wielded the mwiko nyeri style, and after 3 long days of the people of sabatia and the rest of kenya, camping overnight at his home for him to just say NO, Mudavadi prefered to follow his uncle(moi).
    His uncle has suddenly grown a brain, is singing funny uhuru songs at funerals, and mudavadi's tail is wagging again!
    All railaphobics are suddenly cheering him on,just like in 2002!
    Mudavadi, you will lose sabatia again, will be dumbed by uhuru, and just like jaramogi, will get 2000 votes, out of the GEMAs 8,000,000! Why would they vote for you,unless there is something your great mama hasnt told the world, saitoti style!
    Are you LINO( luhyia in name only)

  • Well i think internal democracy in ODM is mandatory...and its future survival in a fast changing political atmosphere must fully focus on how best it opens up its democratic wings.ODM is a party of masses not individuals.So it would be prudent to let the key stakeholders(masses) have the final say on key party matters than to vest such decisions on a few persons.Mudavadi's opinion is one such view that can propel ODM to the next level of democracy,Odinga's outlook does not d-centralise power but rather suffocates democracy by confinement.Although going by logistics,Mudavadi's  opinion sounds illusive - inconsistent,and probably impractical as at now...... but it holds the key to a better future... his insistence can be counter productive and his unspecified threats are acts of an irresponsible leader who runs away from challenges rather then seek for lasting solutions .On the other hand Rao's views are consistent and practical at the moment but will be irrelevant in days to come.
  • Matongi
    Sometimes you need guided democracy. RAO is
    right to insist on it at this juncture. Notice how the brown choppers and elongated
    ear lobes are salivating at the possibility of participating in ODM primaries,
    not as genuine democracy partakers but as spoilers. They are legion in Kenya
    and they must be contained somehow
  • arturo522000
    NO! There should be no talk of quitting! Hon Kajwan'g had better stop his nascent rhetoric.For starters, isn't it  absolutely  encouraging and a good thing  that the PM and his Deputy have agreed to democratically  slog it out for  ODM nomination? Clearly the  only sticking point is  procedure to be pursued (The PM and his lackeys prefer a delegates "Conclave" in Nairobi, as per  the current ODM constitution. The DP  and his underlings are for nominations at the 47 Counties). Well, how about this : Let registered bona-fide  ODM delegates, who are acceptable to  the PM and  his  DPM, converge at the Eight Provincial Hqs ( e.g Coast-Mombasa, Eastern-Machakos, Nyanza-Kisumu,  Western - Kakamega,  Rift Valley - Nakuru etc), on a given D-Day. The subsequent  elections MUST be supervised by IEB. It is extremely vital that the current ODM Elections Board  stay out and NOT be involved in any way,shape or form. The chairman of IED, assisted by his  very capable colleagues,  should be the ONLY one to handle this National Civic exercise. Elections at the Provincial centers will, obviously, minimize costs in that, delegates won't have to travel to Nairobi. Moreover, the neutrality of this procedure is easily recognizable. ODM, being the only political party which encompasses  ALL Kenyan regions, must NOT dissipate. If the PM gets the nomination, let ALL members rally behind him. Ditto the DPM.


inoorohwayiny said...
March 10, 2012 at 11:33 AM  

U can take this to Equity or KCB fo ksh 1 million loan:
Musalia Wa Mudavadi wil b th fourth president of th republic of KE, period!