Monday, October 17, 2011



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    US President Barack Obama

    The Obama administration surprised a lot of folks late last week when it announced it was sending around 100 American troops to Uganda to help regional forces take out Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony.

    But could the United States ultimately end up sending more troops?

    While invoking the memory of American operations in Somalia and Lebanon, Republican Arizona Senator John McCain warned the White House Sunday to not allow the mission in Uganda to spiral into something bigger.
    “First of all, I think as you described, one of the most horrible groups ever to inhabit the earth is this Lord’s Resistance Army,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
    “And I think it is appropriate for us to do what we can to prevent and eradicate them. It is a big part of the world. We don’t know any of the details. I remember Somalia. I remember Lebanon. We’ve got to be very careful about how we engage. This slippery slope thing could happen there. I think it’s mainly humanitarian in this case.”
    According to The Daily Caller, McCain went on to criticize President Obama for not consulting with Congress before announcing the operation.
    “This guy [Joseph] Kony and this Lord’s Resistance Army are guilty of unspeakable behavior and the human rights organizations all over the world want this to stop,” McCain said.
    “I worry about with the best of intentions we somehow get engaged in a commitment that we can’t get out of, that’s happened before in our history and we need an explanation. And I’m very disappointed, again, that the administration has not consulted with members of Congress before taking such action.
    I’ve been under four presidents, and this is the least communicative with Congress of any administration that I’ve ever seen. And maybe it has something to do with the polarization of politics, but it is unfortunate.”
CJ | GA.
McCain understands very well the logistics of Joseph Kony. McCain knows very well who we are dealing with (Kony) and must prevent at all cost the death of young children. Families getting their ears cut off, lips cut off, even their nose removed in front of their families, in order to convert people into Christianity? Kony is a killer and MUST BE STOPPED! Children deserve to live happy, with their parents. McCain you should know this, you once was a child?
enz | kampala
Americans are Oil thieves that should never be accepted near any black gold mine fields cause they will steal. do people ever wonder why they are here now than before when Kony was very active. We should say no to them and reject there activities in Uganda.
Eric | Kampala
Let us agree that US has done much to support Uganda through USAID and other support routes. However much we demonstrate against their coming, they should have arrived and we shall not return them. Regardless of whatever the US intends to do in Uganda, I find it very OK. Afterall, even before we begin actual exportation of the oil, a few individuals are now reaping billions as per what we have heard in Parliament.
Tugume Emma | Kihihi
Dear Natasha, I think you are right. When your neighbour is in problems you rush out quickly to help. But after 20 years +++ You just appear to give ahand to a wrong country WHY not go to a right country -central African Republic where he is right now? Oil, Gaszzzz... Big problem for our country. Right from 9th Parliament... Keep watching for the near future.
Aluma | Arua
That doesn''t please me so much. Americans have for a long time been looking for something that can tie them with Uganda so they can siphon our God given black Gold. Kony and the LRA have been around for over two decades, how come the first crippling world watchman is waking up in the aftermath of our newly discovered oil reserves in the west and north west of Uganda. Pliz M7 reject those occult ideologists.
Margaret Muzarirehe | London (UK)
I would like to thank President Obama for his kindness to help search for Konyi who hase massed up and he still is continuing in more than four countries, so thank you brother may the Lord bless you more. Those who think that the American are coming because of the Oil and Gas, they have their own, aferall Uganda did not pay God to give us Oil we were blessed. so stop counting the chicks God may dry the well
Ggyagenda | Kampala
Natasha kony can come back - even people in the north say they will never feel safe until he is dead . It is good to think about the other nations he is terrorizing . We all belong to a common humanity !
charles | kampala
fellow ugandans it is unfortunate we dont have the eyes and ears to have seen and heard what kony has been doing to human nature, how much the war has cost the tax payers in this nation.we would be praying that this monster is finnaly done with once for all.President Obama will be a good samaritan.
Concerned Ugandan | Jinja
It''s a shame that some ugandans are so naive about their own country!!! Kony is nolonger part of uganda''s what else could the aericans be coming for? We waited the last 20 + years but they decided to come now after hearing about oil.
Danny Gotto | Durban
I find this whole troop thing suspicious. Why now and for what reason? For god''s sake Kony needs to be fought yes (true) . But the timing of the sending of 100 US service men to Uganda is a bit suspicious after Uganda has just discovered oil worthy 20 trillion USD. Aren''t Americans trying to play ping pong on us Ugandans? What will a force of 100 troops do to end Kony who is known to be in about 5 countries? Who is fooling who? Please Americans get a life and stop fooling us.
Mashariki | Kampala
McCain is a hypocrite. When US troops are sent to Iraq or Afghanistan for actual combat, McCain is not worried about them being killed there by Iraqis or Afghanis where they have been killed in their thousands. US also embarked on a bombing mission in Libya. McCain actually visited Benghazi and proclaimed the rebels there his "heros". When these non-combat troops are sent to Uganda, after Uganda People''s Defence Force defeated Kony''s LRA troops in 2006, then McCain is "worried". What ''danger'' does peaceful English speaking Uganda pose to 100 US personnel. They can go home after seeing a few tourist sites, the national parks which are an attraction for them on their tour. McCain is worried about the implications of Africans or Black men killing white troops, a symbol of imperial US power.
Elijah | kampala
Americans should stop their gambling in Africa. who doesn''t know them? They come in the name of helping but with a hidden motive. If those American thugs come to Uganda, we shall not allow them to play with our oil. Can you imagine we have lost hundreds and thousands of people in Northern Uganda in the last two decades and now they see Uganda has become fruitful with oil and that is when they claim that they want to help fight Kony. Ugandans should say no to Americans in Uganda. This is just a western game. After ousting a true pan- africanist Gadhaffi of Libya with a hidden motive to sack Libya''s oil and now they want to suck ours indirectly. long live Uganda.
Luke Busobozi. | Kampala
Brothers; am sending this article extracted from the new vission of today 17th/october/2011. it is sure a very good act for the Ugandan People to have the American force come here to parsue and arrest or kill Kony. Personally an very thank full to our old ever true American People who are friends of Uganda Luke Busobozi.
Mutua | London
Kony is a coward. Its high time someone put him straight. He kills innocent and defenceless people. He can run but he cant hide for too long. Just a matter of time and he will be captured like a corner dog with a tail between his legs
medard | Mbarara
Uhhhhh banange this oil,,,,,, when a country has oil and gas thats when any thing wrong you will hear strict western intervention. Can''t Obama help those guys in Somalia? why at this time when our economy is trembling and he mixes his false desires? when Kony comes, we will call on him. not now Mr Obama. you are great but not now. thanks
Byamaka | Kampala
I hope Uganda is not going to be like Viet Num where the ORANGE AGENT effects are still visible and hounting the people of that Country. Kony was created by those who benefit from his crimes. Our Govt can contain Kony.America s after our oil as it is now badly affected by the Global recession.
Rwabuto | Kigali
Natasha, Do you know where Kony is? Have you heard what he has been doing of recent? Today he may not be in Uganda but another day he may be here. another thing Kony has not only been a Ugandan problem. He has been killing innocent brothers and sisters in Congo, Central Africa and the S.Sudan. Lets tell the truth,Justice should be done for him. Nicholas