Sunday, August 28, 2011



By Ossy Kabatte
Kigali, Rwanda

Aug 28, 2011

Dear Okungu !

I hope that your medical treatment, in the USA, is having positive results, on your health. I am optimistic that you will overcome the hardships, and come back to resume your normal, daily, human activities, in East Africa.

We have never met each other, nor corresponded with other, before.

Suffice to inform you that I read your Columnist Articles in the Uganda New Vision Newspaper ( Online ).

In your last Saturday Article, you mentioned about the American President's arrogance , namely Bill Clinton, while visiting Nigeria and Arusha, in Tanzania .

I just wanted to add on the following, perhaps, to illustrate more, on your views, how the USA Leadership has no respect for our African Presidents, less so, we, the Africans :-

Just for your information, President Bill Clinton went to Arusha, to witness the Peace Agreement between the warring factions in Burundi, which had been put together by President Nelson Mandela, of South Africa.

Clinton desired to have the opportunity to be seen, in the USA, and International Press Media, with Mandela, witnessing the Burundi Peace Agreement, in Arusha .

Just before Bill Clinto arrived in Arusha, " ...every hotel within a radius of 100 miles radius of the Arusha town, was booked for the President, and his entourage .., and the Secret Service cut off all the Phones in Arusha town, except its own and, presumably, those of the presidential press entourage " .

But that was not enough humiliation to the Tanzania people :-

The US Secret Service agents removed Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa from his limousine, and searched it, shaking him down, before allowing him to enter the venue where the signing was to take place . He entered alone ".

" His body guards were not allowed in. Nor was anyone allowed into or out of the venue once the Secret Service had locked it down " .

" Try to imagine a Tanzania security detail yanking an American president from his limousine outside the White House .." .

( Source : The Ultimate Road Trip. Adventure Capitalist, by Jim Rogers, 2004 Random House Trade Paperback Edition, pages 194, to 195 ).

I wish you a quick recovery.

Best regards,

Ossy Kabbate

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