Tuesday, March 29, 2011



By Rose Kagwiria


Greetings. This is a letter to you, my leaders from Mt. Kenya and Kalenjin communities.
I write to the conservatives of these two tribes though, since I don't want to lump all and sundry in one basket. For it is only the conservatives who still hold onto the view that Kenya should be ruled by one of their own, or a conglomeration of themselves, and not any other people. There is something they want to preserve.

We have come from very far as a people over the last 10 years. Indeed 20 years.We have gone through a series of political transformations, always trying to get a better government with every election. Always fighting a dictatorship, trying to bring about change. Trying to fight tribalism. Poverty. We have had our way to a certain extent. Most important, the NEW CONSTITUTION. For no fight would have been won meaningfully without this document.

So here we are. Marhc 2011. We have one year to the 2012 elections, a time when we shall be hoping to bring further change to our country, through our vote. But we have political players in all this game. We have to choose who amongst them can take us to the next level. And we shall use our historical barometers, the fight against social ills, common sense and other tools to decide whom to elect.

I want to therefore submit to you conservative Mt. Kenya and Rift Valley brigade, that you have something burning against one Raila Amollo Odinga. Its not that his credentials as a politician are bad at all. Its not that he has not suffered under dictatorships and risen above them to be a fighter against them. He has spoken against extra judicial killings, democracy, good governance. But I am not stating he is perfect either. Nobody is perfect.

What is it dear friends, that you have against this man Raila? Through some of your debates, in the press, and media, I have seen raw hatrade against this man. I see an amazing lack of trust in him. I have seen a lack of confidence in his eadership from the conservative Mt. Kenya, and now the Kalenjin folk. I have had my friends, the conservative Mt. Kenya and Kalenjin people, telling me that he is good, but he will never be president. Is this the general position you hold brothers and sisters? And is this question admissible in the first place?
Let me address myself to the admissibility of this question (As Speaker Marende would put it in his ruling). In looking at this question, we shall take Uhuru Kenyatta, as a specimen. He
seems to be the Mt. Kenya political supremo. Is he an option for Kenyas in 2012? If we are to go by recent happenings, especially the tantrums he threw at Kenyans for rejecting the Kibaki nominees, it raises doubt about him.

But more importantly, he cannot relate to the problems that the common mwananchi has because of his pedigree. The son of a former president. But like Hitler to Germany, he has held the Mt. Kenya conservatives under siege. The questions I ask, what will Uhuru offer Kenyans, if he cannot even fight against unconstitutional appointments of judicial officers? The bigger question is : -
Why is this logic so elusive to the Mt. Kenya conservative nation?

William Ruto. Initially he seemed to be a person Kenyans would trust. But recent
events point to a person who can turn into a beast, and even start devouring his own friends. He has an evil demeanor. Is this the man we wan't to elect as president? He behaves like an immature child. He cannot be president of this country, with a short temper, and vengeful attitude. Thats not a leader we want.

So to these two Nations, what is it against Raila Amollo Odinga?

For a man who has brought about so much change to this country, what is it you have against him?