Friday, February 18, 2011



George K. Nyaga8:34am Feb 18
I'm deeply saddened by the recent series of events surrounding the ICC issues and the Judicial nominees saga. I still see a selfish approach to many of our African countries problems and this is turning out to be our biggest undoing. I'm left to wonder what is so difficult in doing things in a simple straight manner..that people have to lie, kill and arm twist others to safeguard their own positions? We have a serious leadership crisis here and I don't think this merry-go round of voting in the same flock of people makes any sense to me. As a previous PNU supporter, I have come to the conclusion that no party affiliation will bring any kind of liberation we need in this country.

We tend to dwell too much on party this and party that, such that the very fundamental rights due to the citizens of Kenya by the so called "leaders" becomes the back bench of government. Idolizing individuals who have purported to be "reformists" now turned "reform impediments" does not serve our purpose either. We need to educate the majority of Kenyans who are "civically illiterate" to make wise choices when it comes to electoral matters. As a parent, I blame the leadership crisis to us because we teach our children how to "beg", get things for free, steal, corruption, murder, extortion etc which all culminate in an end result called "Future bad leaders".

Now we are caught in a web trying to disentangle our past mistakes but they always seems to catch up with us somehow. I could go on endlessly about this and that, but the bottom line is...we need to think outside the box. Let's use or brains and intellects to identify role models of our society who bring about meaningful leadership. As hard as it may seem, nobody is perfect but somebody somewhere needs to come out and bring forth an agenda that works for this country.

Hopefully, we will not use the opportunity to throw bad eggs at them because we don't like the shape of their nose but engage them in meaningful debate that can bring out their true potential. A person who understands that it is better to do the greater good to the struggling in society than the dining rich in the same. A person who understands that public service is a privilege awarded to them to prove their worth in the face of a country's crisis. It really is all about "leadership".