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September 15, 2008
The Standard
By Standard Team

The standoff between Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura and CBK Deputy Governor Jacinta Mwatela has continued to draw mixed reactions from leaders.

Information and Communications Minister Samuel Poghisio asked civil servants to accept to work anywhere. Mr Poghisio said it was not fair to reject responsibilities given by the Head of State.

"Let everyone be ready to serve anywhere in any capacity," he said.

Poghisio said Mrs Mwatela should accept her new role and stop holding the country at ransom.

Nominated MP Rachael Shebesh said moving Mwatela from CBK at a time when an inquest into the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel was going on was questionable.

clarification on changes

"We also need a clarification whether these changes were agreed upon by the two principals and the Cabinet, or it was one side of the coalition that just executed them," she added.

Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo said Mwatela should accept her new appointment and stop drawing politicians to matters of the Civil Service.

"Why is Mwatela sorting her personal issues through the Press? We are going the wrong way dividing the Civil Service along PNU and ODM circles," added Mr Kilonzo.

Bonchari MP Charles Onyancha said Mwatela should stay put.

"She has security of tenure and she should not be sidelined to hide corruption. We are adamant that she stays in office until her tenure ends," added Mr Onyancha.

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims asked President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to sort out the matter.

Supkem official Mohammed Hajjir said the public was suffering from high fuel prices and consumer goods and was not ready for wrangles when they needed services.

Supkem Coast Chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao said Mwatela was being victimised for being straightforward.

"Let the Government be forewarned that if she goes, it will be because she stood for the betterment of the nation," Ngao said.

And Coast Parliamentary Group (CPG) also expressed disappointment over Mwatela’s deployment.

The legislators said they supported her decision to defy her transfer to the Ministry of Northern Kenya and Arid Lands, alleging it came as a punishment for safeguarding taxpayers’ money.

CPG Chairman Benedict Gunda said the region’s MPs would seek a meeting with Raila and Kibaki to express their displeasure at the transfer.