Monday, March 11, 2013



Your Excellency Hon Uhuru Kenyatta,
President-Elect of the Republic of Kenya

I want to officially congratulate you and the Jubilee Team for convincingly winning the just concluded General Elections. There were anomalies yes, but you won and won big and even if a Re-run is ordered by the Supreme Court, I know you will still win, and now even with a bigger margin. 

When Kenyans were invited to register as voters, you and your Team Members went to work, and you registered what the maverick Mutahi Nginyi later called 'The Tyrany of Numbers'. Your supporters came out in large numbers and we could see evidence of that. 

Then, you mounted a very well organized campaign across Kenya. You beat your opponents by back-pedelling them to the wall all the times. You were on top of the propaganda war- fare and you won big on that. I liked how you and your Team Members would lit a fire at some point then run very first shouting fire fire as you fetched water to put it out. 

That was brilliant and that is what politics is all about.

You talked about the Rt Hon Raila Odinga almost 80% times in your campaigns, preferring not to call him by name. You called him huyo mjamaa wa vitendawili and that resonated out so well with your supporters. But then, you kept pointing out to the people that it was the Cord Team that was talking about people and not you. Honestly, I never heard what you said you wanted to do for Kenya. Again, that was brilliant. 

On the D-day, your supporters came out in their droves to vote for you. The Cord supporters were as lethargic as they have always been. This must be a lesson to all Kenyans. When the IEBC invites us to come out and register as voters, we must do so if we want our voices to be heard, or, if we want to form the Government.

Governments are not formed without numbers, for that is the essence of democracy all over the world. Losers never form Governments.

Your opponents did not invest in mass mobilization either for registration, nor for voting. I cannot hence help but weep with them at this time as they mourn. But then, we are Kenyans and we have moved on and many are now accepting that indeed, you will be our President. 

Your Excellency, as our next CEO, you have some huge responsibility on your shoulders. First, you and your Principal Assistant- the Enigmatic William Ruto must attend the ICC cases in person. Please prove to the world that you are all innocent and let the world be ashamed. 

But in the event that you are convicted, kindly step aside as fast as you can. We will stand strong with you now that you are our President. 

Again, move with speed to construct the Mau Summit- Kericho nightmare of a road that we have had for this long. Move with speed to remove the hyacinth that has clogged Lake Victoria for all this long. You may be the Joshua that is taking us to Canaan. 

Develop for the people around the Lake Victoria Fish Processing Plants for their fish produce. Move with speed to incorporate the people who did not vote for you in your Government, and make Kisumu- especially Kondele be your first public engagement as the President of Kenya after you are sworn in. Host your first political thank you rally in Kisumu, then move to other regions as well.

Your predecessors talked of preaching Peace across all Kenya immediately they signed the National Accord on the 28th February 2008, but we did not see them do that even once in the 5 Years we have lived with them. Kindly make Peace and National Reconciliation a priority number one. 

I loved it when you invited Kenyans to go back to their work during your acceptance speech on Saturday the 9th March 2013. You did not order for 2 days of National Celebrations. That was good. 

Your Excellency, our Towns have been dirty, in fact, very dirty. Garbage and Waste has been competing with all available space as the out going teams watch. Prove to the whole world that Garbage and Waste is huge business. Initiate the process of Separation of Waste at Source as a mandatory household undertaking and make the 3rd Saturday of every Month a National Clean-up Day
Strengthen our democratic space and make it possible for any Kenyan to be President- not based on The Tyranny of Tribal Arithmetic, but on clear Policy and Manifesto. Invite all Kenyans to love each other and more so, invite your core supporters to be ready to vote for non of their own.
Move with speed to solve the land question and issue all persons who have come of age with Identity Cards. The out going teams failed on this.

We still have along way to go with you. This is just the beginning of the several letters you will be getting from us. You are now our President and we will be complimenting each good move you make. But we will equally be very hard on you when you make a wrong move.

May the good Lord give you the Grace and Humility to serve Kenyans with love, dedication and results.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,
The Clean Africa Campaign- TCAC
Nairobi Kenya.
The Clean Africa Campaign is an initiative of KCDN Kenya