Tuesday, September 4, 2012



By Paul Robert Odonde
Via Email

Now, same old Kenya, Wagalla massacre with no end.
Kiplagat used to hide the Wagalla massacre now a top government emissary.
The richest man in Kenya has bribed his way out of the ICC.
So let us forget about that and focus on the next President.
Raila is too sick like fomer Ford people party leader.
Narc party leader Charity Ngilu is the most considerate candidate.

Where ministers are involved prosecution does not take place.
That is why the Inspector General has not been appointed seven months over due.
Even the 5000 criminals of 2008 clashes cannot be prosecuted.
Deputy Prosecutor Dorcas is having a hard time.
Githu Muigai is simply taking donors for a ride.

The elite are involved and they are at the ICC. The matter is beyond us.
But Jerry you celebrated the new constitution. It says a new government shall be in power in September 2012. So we are in September and we have no President, vice president, ministers and their deputies. Or was it a hilarious thing to have a new constitution?

Mr. Kimemia has forced county commissions on the land. The results can be cannon ball.

Peace forums are a show thing for Kenyan regimes to hit the press and please donors. They really do not mean what they say.

I see foreign ambassaduers trying to give advice in these forums. They fall for it.

You cannot use more police force to rule. You have to open up the economy to rule.
Using police force is what happened in Egypt. There reaches a time when the people cannot take it any more.

600 policeman were sacked in Egypt and the President taken to court. Those who have broken the law are the ministers. Jerry this is not a simple problem. You have gangsters for ministers and other leaders.
Paul Robert Odonde