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Posted Thursday,
May 3 2012
Daily Nation

When a politically correct cabal selectively applies rules of natural justice and the rule of law when it suits them, the arena of society becomes a lynching place where justice can no longer be guaranteed.

The origin of political correctness lies in the Frankfurt School, which was associated with the Institute for Social Research, a think tank formed in 1923.

Control of ideas and individualism were the keystone to the foundation of political correctness.

It was recognised that the only way for communism to spread was to contain individual thinking and brainwash a nation into accepting that an idea could only be valid if it came from “the correct” social group.

Politically correct thinking is purposefully directed to stifle freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of speech and the right to individualism.

We should consider the fact that the so-called “like-minded” political set are scripting our destiny and that the politically correct but unelected cabal of so-called intelligentsia is creating a “background of acceptance” as it dictates the real politick of our new Constitution.

A series of events has provided the prelude for their script.

In the first event, a banned criminal gang well-known as extortionists and murderers has transformed itself into a “politically correct movement”, whose freedom of association is being championed by civil rights activists and foreign diplomats.

The obligation of the Kenya police to protect civilians from violence and the political and social entrenchment of “gang rule”, we are told, does not supersede the right of association. Is it fair to subject an entire nation to gang rule and violence?

Few question why the US has determined who its “enemy combatants” are and why it is unapologetic about its internationally proscribed handling of them.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said about his country’s October 1970’s crisis that it was important for his government to use every means possible to defend society from the emergence of a parallel power, which challenges the elected power of citizenry.

He was determined to, in his words, “get rid” of those who sought to establish their authority through blackmail and crime. He called on “bleeding hearts around the world to go on and bleed”. Protecting a country from the possibility of crimes being committed, he said, was not negotiable.

We must ask, as Trudeau did, if there is any logic in playing devil’s advocate and being weak-kneed because we cannot stomach the severity that the police use to disperse crowds.

The second event has been yet another purge in the Judiciary which sent one of the judges packing. He was not monetarily corrupt, but as explained, his decisions were a deviation of an ideal.

His verdict, although within the law and therefore legal at the time, does not sit well with our “politically correct” Kenyan collective conscience of 2012.

Senior Counsel John Khaminwa’s response to this insurgent purge termed the process flawed and warned against the practice of making judges “sacrificial lambs for past mistakes of Presidents Moi’s and Kenyatta’s administrations.”

For fear of being snowballed and defamed by Internet blogs and “activists”, few in Kenya dare today to question as Khaminwa does.

Kenya is at a crossroads. Selective, unforgiving and malevolent management birthed fascism in Europe. We have to be truly committed to stop corruption, which in its full meaning is not confined to monetary crime and is defined as “an impairment of integrity, virtue and or moral principles, a deviation from an ideal”.
As Kenyans, we must take charge of the trajectory we want. Will it be similar to the one that leading democracies like the United States and Canada took during their transitional years or do we want to take the direction that fascist and communist Europe took in the 1930s and 1940s?

Ms Shamalla is an advocate and founder of the National Conservative Forum (