Thursday, March 22, 2012



Kampala, Uganda
March 21, 2012

Hello Jerry,

All should be well with you. Been long since you last wrote something in the New Vision, Uganda's "leading" paper.

Just yesturday, we in Kampala had to go through another round of riots!!! These narrow headed politicians just wont stop!!! They come up with all kinds of myopic ideas to appear in the press!!! I dont seem to understand what they are up to when they lead to the destruction of property and life


My major concern now is the Police. I respect the police and pray for them everyday; they ensure law and order in our communities. Just like many of us, they act in accordance to a directive given to them by their seniors.

In the recent riots, they have come out to stop or prevent further destruction of property, lives, and maintain order in the rather congested town. However, they have not been accorded respect and any kind of appreciation!!! The police code itself I believe is quite unfair in regard to police code. For examples; towards the end of last year, our local TV Station, Bukkede of Vision Group run a clipping, where civilians got a police officer and whipped him so badly. These culprits were arrested but later in less than a week, set free and only asked to pay 50,000 Uganda shillings!!!

Incident number 2:
During one of the crazy riots, a police officer shot at a crowd that was running after him to finish him up. Two people lost their lives and the police officer was remanded and later sentenced to life in prison. His case? I think the guy was just acting in self defense! That's called manslaughter and does not call for life in prison!

Incident number 3:
Normally at the beginning of the year on1st January mid-night, Ugandans like other people worldwide come out to celebrate; but this time round, a police directive came out, asking us not to burn anything-normally, car tyres,etc. Announcements ran on radio; and the police was deployed. However, along Entebbe Road, people chose to do as they willed. When a police officer came up to stop them, the civilians wanted to throw him in the burning coals!!! The officer started shooting in the air and injured a few people. The guy then ran to his station, left the gun there, deserted, fearing prosecution. He has not been caught; but once caught, will be sentenced.

Finally, yesturday's riot left one police officer dead (we've lost a number of them in these stupid riots). He was 43 yrs old. Civilians threw stones at him that broke his skull.

Thats the plight of the police in Kampala. Every time I meet any of them, along our streets, I don't question the mean look on the guys' faces. I only pray that God protects them from acts of the rowdy rioters and that the law does not wrongly implicate them.

Could you perhaps find a way of putting this down in one of your articles?