Thursday, January 26, 2012



WASHINGTON — The United States on Monday urged Kenya and its people to continue cooperating with the International Criminal Court (ICC) which ruled that four key Kenyans should be tried over post-election unrest.
“We believe accountability for the 2007-2008 post-election violence is critical to ensuring Kenya?s democracy, peace, and long-term stability,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement.
The Hague-based ICC said Monday that charges of crimes against humanity had been confirmed against presidential candidates William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta over deadly unrest that erupted following a disputed 2007 presidential vote.
Ruto and Kenyatta are allies of Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki.
Two other Kenyans, radio host Joshua arap Sang, 36, and Francis Muthaura, 65, the head of Kenya’s civil service, will also face trial. Ruto and Sang were opposition supporters in 2007.
More than 1,100 people died in the post-election violence, shattering Kenya’s image as a beacon of regional stability. While Washington makes no judgment as to the innocence or guilt of the four suspects, it calls on Kenya to live up to the spirit of its new constitution “which embraces transparency, accountability and integrity,” Nuland said.
“We urge the Kenyan government, the people of Kenya, and the individuals involved to continue to cooperate fully with the ICC proceedings and to remain focused on Kenya?s future, especially through implementation of the reform agenda,” Nuland said.
“The United States is committed to continuing to support Kenya’s ambitious reform process as Kenya looks ahead to its first national elections under the new constitution,” Nuland said.
Associated Press

US state Dept spokes Person is behind the news. Kibaki and Co. have already hit the road with well laid out plans to circumvent, derail, scuttle, trash, and sabotage the ICC process. It was not a spontaneous swift reaction by the look of it; it was in the making for some time. 
Kibaki is thawing the much globally discredited and laughed at ‘shuttle diplomacy’ spearheaded by his VP, a.k.a. VIPER, to rubbish the ICC confirmation hearings, in the micro-wave oven, to cook again . Not a single head of state/govt, even the tin-pot dictators, save for the then withering Gaddafi supported his nefarious plans.
The AG, a Kibaki man to boot, had been entrusted with cobbling up a “legal panel”, whatever it means, to advise the govt on the course of action responding to the ICC verdict. The team was ready in hours! The plan had been perfected months before, for sure.
The AG, the DPP and the out-going Police Commissioner who hopes to manipulate the selection panel to make his come back, all Kibaki die-hards have constituted themselves into an ‘agency’ as a newspaper put it, to study and dispense expeditiously with the 5000+ cases pending in courts against the middle and lower level perpetrators of the PEV of 2007/8. One can imagine howfast  their efforts will bear fruits and to whose advantage!
The AG has categorically stated that the govt has no intention of requiring Uhuru Kenyatta and Ambassador Muthaura, the two of the master perpetrators of the PEV related genocide, forced translocation, rape and other crimes against humanity to resign, or at least to step down voluntarily.
His warped logic is that they are charged by the ICC in their personal capacities, and not as state officers! Then how come this poor country that can’t feed millions of her hungry citizens or afford to provide minimum health care or repair dilapidated infrastructure like roads, spent 35 million shillings on a much laughed at, discredited, and maligned bail out plan, derisively known as ‘Kibaki’s Shuttle Diplomacy’, spearheaded by hos VP a.k.a. VIPER? How come that the govt is planning to foot the accommodation, subsistence and legal bills of the accused?
There is every indication that Kibaki is taking us to a narrow gully from which we as a nation may not be extricated easily. Kenya govt is on the way to have the dubious distinction of aiding and abetting a defendant in the ICC docks present himself as a presidential candidate, and another one advising the president on state and other matters. Nothing short of an East-African version of the Arab Spring can save us from this conglomeration of devilish forces.
Kibaki’s dictionaries do not have the entry – ‘legacy’. He does not give a damn even if the word does exist. He is so egotistic, selfish, self-centered, tribalistic and devoid of any benevolent human feelings such as empathy, sympathy, gratitude, and most certainly shame when it comes to guilty conscience about a mistake committed, and one that animals are not endowed with. An animal can’t blush, they say!
Kibaki will gleefully amble from the state house to his new Sh.500 million palace hopefully with a permanently sedated Lucy in tow to enjoy his sunset years,  under protection of an international criminal, while molten brimstone rain on other pumpavu-chicken-shit-bure-kabisa- Kenyans!.