Wednesday, December 22, 2010



By Charles Jjuuko



December 22 2010

IT sounds a crazy village story but it serves as a warning to the adulterous. Residents of Kirindi village in Nazigo sub-county, Kayunga district are in a state of shock after a man with three wives died during sexual intercourse with another man’s wife.

The bizarre incident occurred on Sunday at around 8:00pm when the man, identified as John Kalema, 45, set out to have pleasure with Betty Naigaga, 26, in a grass-thatched hut in Kirindi.

Kalema operated a local bar in Kirindi trading centre, where he sold waragi (local potent gin) and local brew. Naigaga is wife to Andrew Lyanto, a 38-year-old barber. It is alleged that Lyanto bewitched Kalema after getting information that he was having an affair with his wife.

The area chairperson, Sulaiman Ssegero, said when Kalema collapsed, Naigaga dashed out of the hut and reported her predicament to Besweeri Wamala. The chairman explained that Wamala was the go-between of the two love-birds and owned the ‘lodging’ facility.

Word about the incident eventually spread, prompting residents to throng the venue. Ssegero said Lyanto confessed having visited a witchdoctor, who gave him charms that would cause harm to any man who would attempt to have sex with his wife.

“Kalema pleaded for forgiveness before he died. Lyanto asked for sh600,000 to save him, but he died when his family had only raised sh100,000,” Ssegero said.

The Police arrested Lyanto and Naigaga to help in its investigations.

However, while at Kayunga Police Station, Lyanto denied having bewitched the deceased, contradicting the statement he had made earlier before his arrest.

Naigaga said she had refused to have sex with Kalema but his friend persuaded her, saying her husband was too busy at his work station and would not find them.

“When we got into bed, he did not take long to reach his orgasm like he usually does. He started gasping for breath and I inquired from him what the problem was. He then took a deep breath and went silent,” Naigaga narrated.

She added that she rushed out and informed Wamala, who was reportedly Kalema’s confidant.

Kalema’s body was taken to Kayunga Hospital mortuary before being transferred to the City Mortuary in Kampala for a postmortem examination.

The officer in charge of criminal investigations at Kayunga Police Station, John Dhabangi, said the Police was waiting for the medical examination to know what killed Kalema.

“Residents were saying it was witchcraft. But I cannot confirm that until the postmortem report is out,” Dhabangi said.

Kalema is survived by three wives and nineteen children. His second wife, Lovinsa Nalumansi, said she had six children with Kalema. The first wife has seven. The third wife, a recent bride, has only one child.

Kalema also had nine other children from an earlier marriage.