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5th November 2010
Daily News
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

THE CCM candidate, Mr Jakaya Kikwete, was on Friday declared winner of the 2010 presidential election after scooping just under two thirds of the ballots cast last Sunday.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairman, Judge Lewis Makame, announced that the incumbent president garnered 5.2 million out of the 8.6 million votes cast in an election undermined by voter apathy. Some 20.1 million voters had registered.

The ceremony to announce the results at Karimjee grounds in Dar es Salaam was boycotted by the Chadema candidate, Dr Willibrod Slaa, who came second with 2.2 million votes (26.34 per cent), and his maligned running mate, Mr Saidi Mzee Saidi.

Professor Ibrahim Lipumba of the Civic United Front (CUF) ranked third in the results with 695,667 votes. The other scores are Peter Mziray (APPT – Maendeleo)— 96,933 votes; Hashim Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi) - 26,388 votes; Muttamwega Mugahywa (TLP) - 17,482 votes and Fahmi Dovutwa (UPDP) 13,176 votes.

Judge Makame said the turnout on Sunday was just above a third (42.8 per cent) of the registered voters. Some 227,889 votes were spoilt.

Prof Lipumba, who moved a vote of thanks after announcement of the results, blamed NEC for the low turnout, claiming that it did not provide enough voter education and that many doubted its independence.

NEC has repeatedly rejected such criticism, saying political parties were equally
responsible. The NEC Director of Election, Mr Rajabu Kiravu, told reporters on Thursday that voter apathy was a social issue and all stakeholders should investigate the causes and find solutions.

In 2005 voter turnout was 72 per cent, during which 11.3 million votes were cast. In his acceptance speech, President Kikwete, who was presented with a winner’s certificate by the NEC Chairman, said the results were a victory for all Tanzanians and commended the other candidates for the challenge they posed.

He said CCM would take seriously all constructive ideas raised by the opposition to build a more democratic and prosperous nation. He made a special appeal to the media to help the post election healing process instead of exacerbating divisions that developed during election campaigns.

“The media can help iron out differences manifested during the campaigns. We need to strengthen peace and unity and avoid divisions along religious, ethnicity or any other
discriminatory considerations,” he said.

Prof Lipumba congratulated Mr Kikwete for the victory, reminding the people that the president is for the whole nation. The ceremony was punctuated by ululations and merriment of CCM supporters who thronged the Karimjee grounds rallying support behind
the president-elect.

Dignitaries in attendance included the former president, Benjamin Mkapa, the Vice- President-Elect, Dr Gharib Bilal, the Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda, the former prime minister, Mr Joseph Warioba, and foreign diplomats.

In the elections, the ruling party also retained its overwhelming majority in parliament, with 206 out of 232 seats.