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Monday, 25th October, 2010

By Darious Magara and Andrew Ssenyonga

New Vision

Kampala, Uganda

DEMOCRATIC Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has promised to revive state-owned enterprises to replace those that were sold off by the Government.

He said this was the best way to deal with poverty and unemployment. “Why did the NRM government sell Nytil, Uganda Commercial Bank and other government enterprises?” asked Mao.

He was addressing his first campaign rally at Kawempe growers market hours after he was nominated as a presidential candidate.

Mao said in Kenya, the government is still running commercial banks. “Why can’t this be implemented in Uganda?” he wondered.

Mao said the sale of Uganda Electricity board was a wrong decision because power tariffs are now unaffordable for the local people.

He said DP will revive cooperative unions, which will help people save and invest.

On education, Mao said the party would emphasise quality besides improving access to education.

Mao also told DP supporters not to be afraid of the infamous Kiboko squad. “We have a solution for the Kiboko squad. I will hit anyone who puts his hands on me,” he vowed.

Mao said DP is now governed by the youth, who stand against intimidation and harassment orchestrated by the state. He said they must work hard to force the Museveni regime out of power.

Mao, who was flanked by his wife Naome, was introduced to the rally by former party president John Ssebaana Kizito. Takuba Kabuye was introduced as the DP flag-bearer for the Kampala mayoral seat.

Supporters were happy that Mao addressed them in what they called good Luganda. “Mao has it all. He is a good leader, young and speaks good Luganda,” Kabuye said.

Mao also sounded a reconciliation message to the party stalwarts, who are opposed to his leadership.