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Reactions to Binaisa’s death
Thursday, 5th August, 2010
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Uganda Premier Apolo Nsibambi
He will be greatly missed. He led Uganda at a time when there was so much instability. The army was in control of the State at that time and he did not enjoy adequate control over it. When he tried sending David Oyite Ojok (former Uganda military commander) to Algeria as an ambassador, Binaisa was removed from power.
When he (Binaisa) went abroad, he practiced law to earn a living. He was even made a Queen’s Counsel and could legitimately practice law in Britain or anywhere in the world.

Mike Sebalu
(East African Member of Parliament)

He was one of the master legal brain the country has ever had that earned him the title of Q.C. He will be greatly remembered for the 1966 Constitution because that was a brain child of his mind. Binaisa will be remembered for his humorous saying ‘Entebe ewooma’ (power is sweet) and his simplicity when he volunteered to teach English language to nursery children in Mutungo.

Margaret Nantume, Owino vendor

I saw him in the last days of my primary schooling. He associated with his culture because he addressed us in Luganda. When he visited Kako Primary School in Masaka, we named the road leading to the school after him.

Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala
It is sad to lose such a person. He was a jolly man, humble, intelligent, gifted and welcoming. He did many good things for Ugandans, even at the time he was still the president. As an Attorney General, he helped create a Constitution which helped Uganda. May the Lord rest his soul in peace and reward him for what he did in life.

Buganda Kingdom spokesperson
Charles Peter Mayiga:

Binaisa was an accomplice to Buganda’s problems. At the time he was president, the country was unstable. So, he did not play any major role in helping kingdoms. He drafted the 1966 Constitution which outlawed the monarchies. But when he became president, he identified himself with the kingdoms and paid homage to the Kabaka.

Mzee William Kabali Kasumba
(Bulange Zone A, neighbour):

We were in the same school, but he was two classes ahead of me. But as old Budonians, we used to do everything together as family. He was in the same class with Sir Edward Muteesa, and King Henry Mulooki (RIP). He was disciplined, devoted to his religion, bright, jolly and friendly.
We met again in 1943, when I bought land near his home at Bulange. As old students, we became friends, till he died. As residents of Bulange we used to call him ‘Entebe Ewooma’; meaning it is not easy to leave power. Although Binaisa was a man of high rank, he would chat with everybody.

Ali Bwogere
(Trader in Kikuubo)

I did not have time to see his reign, but I know that he is one of the best principled, calm, envisioned and perfect gentlemen who lived to pursue his dream.
Although his reign never lived to fulfill its dreams, he surely had a dream.

Sam Okello Kelo
(Production Manager National Theatre)

Binaisa wanted all Ugandans to come together and work together because he believed in the umbrella concept. Every time you talk about Binaisa, the umbrella concept comes to mind.
The amazing thing about him was when he got a Japanese wife through Internet at his age and more so as the former head of state. He should have got married in a formal way but not through the Internet.

Nalongo Nambalusa
(KCC tax collector)

Binaisa loved and helped so many people. He and his family constructed St. John’s church in Kamwokya and it was named after him, for his generosity. Many people know it as the Binaisa church to date. What I can say is that his father had a lot of land; part of which he gave out to the community. TO BINAISA'S