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Thursday, 11th March, 2010
By John Semakula
Mukono, Uganda

THE director of Bright Academy school in Nakaswa in Kasawo sub-county, Mukono district was on Wednesday night strangled by a man who allegedly caught him sleeping with his wife.

Rogers Kamwasi, 51, was reportedly strangled by Wilberforce Sematta, the husband of Teopista Nakanyiga, the woman with whom he was found.
The Police said the incident occurred at around 8:00pm in Sematta’s home in Kizanyirizi in Kasawo.

Sematta’s 16-year-old son told the Police that his father stormed the house and grabbed the director by the neck, who gasped for breath before he died.
Sematta had reportedly separated with Nakanyiga and had moved in with another woman in Busoga region.

Police quoted the boy saying he tried to stop his father whom he called his uncle from killing the school boss but in vain.
“I was beating him, but my mother stopped me, saying he would kill me too,” said the boy.

The body lay in a pool of blood by the time the Police reached the scene. A bottle of beer lay beside it. Residents stormed the scene to see what had happened only to find Kamwasi had died.

The director’s wife said she knew her husband had the affair and had warned him against it.

Nakanyiga and Sematta disappeared after the incident. The deceased’s mother, Polina Awori, said her son had supper at her place before going to his lover’s house. Nakanyiga and Sematta have six children while the deceased had seven.

The mood at the school was somber. The students and staff stood in groups discussing the matter.

The area Police commander, Joseph Ojinga, said nobody had by yesterday been arrested in connection with the murder. The Police were still investigating the matter, he added.