Monday, November 23, 2009



By Phillip Orwa

A new generation of women strutting the streets of Kisumu have thrown conventional concepts of race into a spin.

Looking at them, you will be forgiven for thinking that they are products of racial intermarriage.

They are light-skinned, like Congolese musicians. And you can only tell their town or village of origin when you hear them speak.

These women were once chocolate-coloured, but changed their complexions in deference to Kisumu men’s preference for ‘yellow-yellow’ (light skinned women).

The craze is supported by newspaper ads advertising gels and chemicals that radically change skin colour and herbalists who promise a transformation in looks.

Once the women attain the desired skin colour, they sashay through the streets like peacocks. They know that wherever they go they leave men lusting in their wake.

Their hips and behinds are padded to appear big and round.

It is believed that for lakeside men the bigger the hips, the better.

Some of these women drive around in big cars, the kind Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta denied Cabinet ministers and other nabobs in Government.

Fuel guzzlers

If not in a Japanese fuel guzzler they will be cruising around in a Mercedes Benz. When they see a virile, good looking young man, they slow down and roll down the window pretending to ask for directions. "Please hop in and show me the way," they will plead if they think you will be cooperative.

In the car you will find that she is wearing a short dress or skirt that rides up exposing her thighs as she drives. She pretends not to notice anything amiss and since the windows are tinted, she is safe from unwelcome eyes.

On the way to the place she wanted to be shown she will flirt with the young man. She will talk of owning many businesses and being wealthy but lonely for a partner.

"I have money," she will coo.

"I’m just looking for someone to spend it with."

Given the current economic hardships, many a young man tired of tarmacking will fall into the trap.

These women are to be seen in trendy bars, always seated alone at strategic corners. From here they can see clearly who walks in and walks out.

The moment they see a potential partner — good looking, muscular and virile — they will wink to indicate interest.

It’s a sign many young men are privy to and take it for an invitation.

Good life

After identifying someone she likes, the woman will send a waiter or waitress for him. With sweet words they will launch into the art of seduction while ensuring an uninterrupted flow of alcohol.

At times they hunt in packs of twos or threes. Once one lands a young man, the others leave to try their luck elsewhere.

This is how they trap young men into their world. If the man proves to be worth the trouble (excellent in bed), he is given a car.

The women know perfectly well that the car’s logbooks are registered in their names and the men can therefore do little with it.

The man’s financial status is such that he cannot do without her.

After using the man until he ceases to be exciting, she dumps him for another one.

Meanwhile, she will renew herself using bleaching gels and enlarge her hips and behind. It is said they do this by injecting themselves with a gel polymer.

—Caveat emptor: It is rumoured that some of these woman are carriers of deadly bugs.