Thursday, October 8, 2009



By NATION Correspondent
October 7 2009

United States congressman Howard L. Berman has criticised Kenyan leaders for the slow pace of reforms. The chairman of the key House Foreign Affairs Committee supported his government’s position that relations with individuals who should be pushing for reforms would not be the same unless the pace was speeded up.

His views are crucial because the committee he chairs influences American financial, military, diplomatic and other support to foreign countries, including Kenya.

“It is difficult to understand why Kenyan leaders, who have accepted the principles of democracy and the rule of law, adopting some of the best anti-corruption laws in Africa, are apparently dead set against implementing the reforms to which they have agreed,” Mr Berman said.

In the wake of the post-election violence in 2008, Kenyan officials signed a National Accord concerning a wide range of political and economic reforms. But the Kenyan Government has failed to follow up on the vast majority of these commitments.

Last week, Assistant Secretary of State in charge of African Affairs Johnnie Carson sent letters to 15 key leaders in the Kenyan Government demanding bold steps to end corruption; reforms to improve the Judiciary and police enforcement; meaningful revisions in the Constitution; and the establishment of a permanent and independent electoral commission.

Reform agenda

The letters said in part: “I am writing to inform you that your future relationship with the US is directly linked to the degree of your support for urgent implementation of the reform agenda as well as clear opposition to the use of violence.”

Mr Berman seconded that view. “The Kenyan people are suffering because their leaders refuse to take seriously their responsibilities as stewards of Kenya’s political and economic advancement,” he said.

“There is no question that the US considers Kenya a friend, but for the friendship to last, Kenyan leaders will have to fulfil their duties responsibly as servants of the people.”


Submitted by jmithanga
Posted October 08, 2009 07:34 AM

As much as we kenyans dont like pple medling with our bedroom issues at least we need to listen and look at ourselfs twice coz these pple want the best for our country it is not the time to count how many pple from one community are in each ministry coz there will never be a balance only fools think so.

Submitted by sikujamu
Posted October 08, 2009 07:34 AM

I agree the govt is slow at passing reforms, but it irritates me the way the US leaders keep on pointing and threatening our leaders like they rule us. For months now US has bn unable to pass a simple health bill that can gravely benefit their citizens, but they ignore this and consistently poke fingers at Kenya. This is becoming way irritating. If they want to advice our leaders, it is high time they changed their language, we're not their children.

Submitted by chesireken
Posted October 08, 2009 07:14 AM

Now ever junk has a free hand to splash mad at Kenya? Although I detest Kenya's political's leadership, I think Kibaki's failures are what has led us to this - being ridiculed by anyone. The US Congress is in a storm over Obama's health reform proposals. Lets now see Obama sending letters to those congressmen who oppose him! Kenya is not a failed state. It has failed presidency. Kibaki is a total failure and he should be kicked out!

Submitted by kasarani
Posted October 08, 2009 06:26 AM

The kenya Govt needs to be pushed all the time if not threated by the international community to put its act together.Its unfortunate that we have leaders that do not have a vision for the country apart from there own selfish and corrupt dealings/imterests.I hope the Govt will move with speed to Prosecute itself in The Hague.

Submitted by maugo1234
Posted October 08, 2009 01:46 AM

I think the US is being misinformed. It is not the Kenyan leaders. It is Kibaki and his court poets. Look at the judiciary - CJ has failed, but his ethnicity is what counts. Look at the security organs: Saitoti (minister), Kimemia (PS), Gichangi (Intelligence), Karanja (CID), Mathew (Commissioner). The same is true of the finance ministry - I mean how can you run a country as an ethnic fiefdom. Even Moi with his tribal agenda never sunk so low! Kenya is being run as an ethnic fiefdom. Such governments are allergic to reform. Kenya is no exception!

Submitted by werssylwer
Posted October 07, 2009 10:51 PM

Remove the log in your eyes first. You guys have no tact. Annan will show you how it is done. In the meantime how about the Health Reform in congress?