Tuesday, September 15, 2009




President Museveni wants Democratic Party publicity secretary Betty Nambooze arrested for allegedly organising last week’s riots which left at least 24 people dead and scores injured.

Mr Museveni, touring Nateete, the city’s suburb most disturbed by the weekend anarchy, says all those who lost property in the violence will be compensated.

The president who was on Tuesday morning touring Nateete, says Ms Nambooze, a Buganda activist, was one of the ring leaders of the violent demonstrations in and around Kampala. He blamed her and what he called other ‘elements’ for destabilising the country.

Internal Affairs Minister, Kirunda Kivejinja told the President that they have the names of those who lost their property and they would all be compensated. Nateete Police post, set alight during the riots, would be re-constructed immediately.

President Museveni told the nation on Thursday that the Buganda king Ronald Mutebi needed to “prevail on his groups and stop keeping Uganda permanently on tenterhooks.” He mentioned Nambooze then as one of the detractors.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Wasiima Lauben (L) shows President Museveni (C) around the burnt Nateete Police Post on Tuesday. The Post was burnt by rioters on Thursday, September 10. President Museveni blamed the burning of the station on the ill vehicular facilitation for the police; which, he said, hindered the force's ability to respond promptly to arrest the situation. PHOTO BY NELSON WESONGA

Ms Nambooze, the head of the Buganda Civic Education Committee, has been at the forefront in mobilising ordinary Baganda to oppose the 2007 Land Act Amednment Bill, claiming it is a scheme to grab their land. The central government on the other hand says the proposed legislation is to protect tenants against illegal evictions.

Last year, the government arrested Ms Nambooze, Buganda Information Minister Peter Mayiga and his deputy Medard Ssegoona on allegations that they were promoting sectarianism and a hate campaign against non-Baganda. Hearing of their case has since stalled.