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You are right that size may not be a true reflection of might. The histories of eastern African countries prove this. See the Tutsi Hutu domination in the great lakes region or the Tigrinya’s domination in Ethiopia-Eritrea axis. But then, it matters again in elective politics. See the way the Kyuks have been able to use their numerical strength in Kenya to dominate the political and economic space in Kenya. The game changes when the federation materializes since they will be way behind in numerical strength. The Banyankole and the Buganda will pale in comparison and the dreaded Luo if well mobilized will effectively shut out all the other ethnic groups particularly in the current East African set up with five countries (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi). Here the pecking order will be as follows:

But this pecking order will depend on the capacity for political mobilization. If you expand it to the entire eastern African region including the DRC, the pecking order changes drastically as follows:

Oromo (Ethiopia, Kenya ) 24.000.000

Amhara (Ethiopia) 20.000.000

Somalis (Ethiopia, Kenya Somalia Djibouti) 18.000.000

Luo including Lugbara and Madi 14.500.000
Hutu 14.000.000

Luba (Congo) 9.000.000

Tigrinyas (Ethiopia and Eritrea) 8.000.000

Sukuma 6.500.000

Kikuyu (Kenya) 5.500.000

Baganda (Uganda) 4.200.000


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it is nice to see you are putting up population numbers here , anyway i doubt your theory for domination is right cosidering that the population of the regions mentioned surpasses 300 million which makes your population less than 3% but i stand corrected

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Actual Luo speakers who could dominate the eastern African federation should it succeed. To make it worse they seem to surround Uganda from all sides. This is what is giving M7 sleepless nights. Sprinkle their distant cousins, the Nuer and the Dinka and you literally, and I mean literally send M7 to the grave. Considering his belief that LUO blood ourses the veins if most of the Batoro and Baganda, you just cannot help sympathizing with this Luo beleaguered Munyankole

Jo-Luo (Kenya) 3.500.000

Luo Abasuba (Kenya) 260.000

Jo-Luo (Tanzania) 310.000

Jo-Padhola (Uganda) 302.000

Jo-Paluo (Uganda) 40.000

Kumam (Uganda) 60.000

Jo-Alur(Uganda) 570.000

Jo-Nam (Uganda) 151.000

Jo-Achol (Uganda) 908.000

Lango (Uganda) 1.700.000

Chopi (Uganda) 45.000

Jo-Alur (Congo) 790.000

Jo-Achol (Sudan) 489.000

Chollo/Shilluk(Sudan) 400.000

Jur-Luo (Sudan) 127.000

Anuak (Sudan) 156.000

Jo-Luo Bori (Sudan) 26.000

Luo Thuri (Sudan) 97.000

Thuri Boodho (Sudan) 40.000

Jo-Parri (Sudan) 38.000

Anuak (Ethiopia) 80.000

Luo Jur (Ethiopia) 12.000

Total Luo Population—10,009,000