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“He can’t just wake up and start bucking without seeing any enemy. M7 can’t just act as a toddler. In fact we want him to go and place the Ugandan flag in the waters and fetch all the waters from Kenyan soil if he so wishes. Let him order his military to take care of the waters and stop harassing our innocent people. He commented like a junior clerk in Kalangala when he was abusing one of the tribes in Kenya. He forgot that he was talking about Kenyan land and not Luo land. I don’t understand why he is being tribal in Kenya and yet he is a Ugandan. We don’t encourage that! We are Kenyans and if you were sent by somebody then your mission is blurred. M7 Stop pocking your nose on Kenyan business. Kama yako imekushinda, then resign!!!!

I agree Museveni is a mad and senile president and that's why he rules a poor overpopulated folks. It's sad to compare that country to Somalia, another failed state without any dream of democracy or future. Having read through your lines, I believe you are a young chap and please get out and join voices of reason towards change in Africa! What makes you think that Kenya is bleeding and that a mad president would have a field day?

I am not in the military because I have other better skills but please kindly don't mention a ragtag rebel unit like Uganda's army with gumboots and ill equipped without education just to mention a few. No wonder Uganda never appears in the world of tomorrow. As much you believe in that madman with elephant foot problem, in this time and century do you still rally behind madmen leading you into dark days? Wake up my brother. I leave near Uganda and cannot compare the two countries apart from sharing "East Africa".

Maybe Uganda should join the Horn of Africa. It is sad to hear folks in Uganda argue the way you do. How does it benefit a country almost a beckon of hope on the continent to engage warmongers like Museveni in war? Kenya is a host to thousands of refugees and I don't think as Kenyans we would want to join the league of Uganda and Somali just to name a few. Thanks for sharing with me you sentiments though.


M7 fought against the Luo dominated criminal regime in Uganda and defeated it in 5 yrs in spite of the initial support it got from Tanzania/they were given a bloody nose in the Kambamba battle and withdrew and by N. Korean mercenaries/their head of mission Lt.col. Lee Pak was killed and hundreds of others in the Luwero triangle battles.

I was impressed when I realised that y guys like JULIUS OKELO knows that Migingo is a mupango between the Central region Kenyan politians/PNU and M7 to weaken the ODM. Oginga is already looking meek and confused, but ultimately M7 is the winner coz he is getting Ugandans free territory.
He warned that he may never allow a Jaluo to fish in Migingo area.

M7 is also very aware that even if he ANNEXED KISUMU, the government OF BANTU KENYANS WOULDN’T GIVE A DAMN!!!!! That’s M7 expansionist ideology. He once told us in a lecture at Kyakwazi Political School, that A VULTURE TAKES ADVANTAGE OF BLEEDING PREY, that’s why unlike the foolish Amin; M7 takes advantage of most neighbours that are internally weak. Note that politically, M7 statements won him huge popularity on the Kampala streets because Ugandans believe in strong leadership and expansionism. We have created friendly governments in S. Sudan, Rwanda, and Congo at one time, Burundi etc and are trying in Somalia. Interestingly opposition politicians that are predominately Luo here in Uganda are quiet about the matter knowing that M7 defence of Migingo whether it belongs to Uganda or not has endeared him to his Army/UPDF and the majority of Ugandans.

MP Bonny Khalwale’s statements that Kenya deploys its boy scouts to fight Ugandans is of course a joke and am warning all Jaluos in Kenya THAT SHOULDD YOU RISK A CIVIL WAR IN THE FUTURE IN KENYA FOR ANY REASON, KNOW WHICH SIDE THE GENERAL WILL BE. So comrades take heart, you are not the first victims of M7 GRAND SCHEME in the Great lakes region. Besides the US that’s headed by a Jaluo has traditionally employed the same foreign policy in the Middle East for its selfish purpose

Wanabidii, when you listen to a politician look for the inside meaning cum motive.
Why would Museveni make such recklessly divisive statements on people who are citizens of a sovereign state? How can one claim the island belongs to Kenya but the water portion
to Uganda? What a ridiculous argument?

1. Museveni understands the power play going on within
Kenya boundaries between PNU and ODM.

2. Museveni understands the British Strategy of divide
and conquer. That is how he has managed to stay President of Uganda for this long.

3. Museveni understands that given a choice most
current Kikuyu politicians would rather give up any Luo
property for the sake of no-more competition.

4. Museveni understands that Kibaki has no clear
mandate because he never won the elections. Remember, he was
asked by Kibaki to help him fight Luos?

5. Museveni understands that Kibaki is a docile President who does not understand the direction the country has taken.

6. Museveni needs piece of mind and not to worry about Uganda's landlocked position. The only way to do this is to annex Kenya piece by piece until he can own the whole of Kenya. With this there won’t be any need to pay money for Ugandan goods from Kenya. Whereas, some PNU sympathisers may contain the mindset that this would be a good thing if Luos were eliminated, the bigger picture they are ignoring is who will be next after the Ugandan aggressor succeeds in Migingo?

Today Museveni said it clearly that Migingo is a Luo affair and not a Kenyan affair and this is the same man who has been talking to Mwai Kibaki over the Migingo issue. This clearly tells you what Museveni has gleaned from Kibaki- that Kibaki too sees Migingo as a Luo affair and not a Kenyan affair. This explains why Kibaki has been reluctant to do anything about Migingo and having assured Museveni of the same trend of seeing Migingo-Museveni can now come out and boast to the Luos and even warn then that they will not fish on the waters of Migingo.

Despite Museveni's outburst-you have heard no hungry reaction from PNU side of the coalition. It’s almost as if the issue of Migingo is a Luo affair as Museveni says

Only Nyanza MPs reacted to this latest Museveni trashing of Kenyans. Please if Nyanza does not belong to Kenya then why can’t Nyanza just SECCEDE and be its own country??

If Kibaki feels that the people of Nyanza don’t belong to Kenya-why can’t Nyanza start the process of SECCEDING from Kenya??? Nyanzians are tired of being treated as if they ain’t Kenyans..Lemmi tell you one thing-MWAI KIBAKI IS THE GREATEST TRIBALIST IN KENYA.

Museveni is up to his usual militaristic, mind games, but there could be two calculations in the statement he made.

One, he may have calculated that the wedge of tribalism in Kenya could work for him in his pursuit of the island. That the discord between Luo and other tribes in Kenya could not have disappeared when in January 2008 it was at the peak. He must have been surprised that Kenyans closed ranks on Migingo and the issue has so far been treated by the ordinary Kenyans as well as leaders as a national issue. He therefore is trying to localize the issue.

Two, it could have been targeted at Raila as a person. I was a student in Uganda for some 3 years and one thing after the 2002 MOU trashing by the Kibaki side of the Narc Govt and things started boiling over with the referendum, some Ugandan friends let me into a little secret I did not know about why Museveni would not want a Raila presidency. They told me that Museveni was eying the East African presidency and the Luo formed the largest Tribe in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania if combined and the fact that there was physical presence of the the Luo and its sub-tribes (Lango, Acholi, etc) in the three countries. He feared that Raila would easily convince such members of these communities to side with him man to man...

I do not like talking tribes but I can imagine what could be in Museveni’s head. The two possibilities cannot be that far away from the truth.

From Museveni's remarks since the formation of the Grand Coalition and even being the sole country in Africa that congratulated Kibaki's stolen presidency, its emerging that Museveni is very scared of Raila Odinga and especially the prospects that Raila may be the next Chief Executive of Kenya.

During the swearing in of the Grand Coalition, Museveni pretended to have forgotten the name of ODM and had to ask around..But Raila Odinga paid him back by referring to him as the President of Tanzania.

Since the Migingo issue, Raila has issued statement in defence of Migingo being in Kenya and Museveni has made it his duty in responding to every Raila's statement. Why should a head of state like Museveni be scared stiff of Raila Odinga? It seems for Museveni a Raila Presidency will spell doom for him and he wants to hold on to power forever.

One time Raila remarked that the days of fraudulent elections in the region will be over and Museveni was irked to the heart. Raila must continue to show Museveni that leadership is not dictatorship that he is practicing in Uganda.

If this is true, by any chance, and I pray it’s not, then it marks the beginning of the disintegration of Kenya and Uganda. But my people, beware! I said it before, I say it again now......the Migingo issue is a creation of the Kibaki regime, to distract the ODM side, especially Raila, and keep him preoccupied and worked up over a non-issue, and thereby throw him off-balance in this current power-game!

Kibaki knows he holds the Executive Authority and therefore Raila cannot order any external action against Uganda in his current capacity. But for the concern of his people, this can get him worked up and really tilt his footing in Nyanza, if not amicably and favourably solved......Watch this

I thought there were surveyors on the ground to establish where
the border line passes and if Migingo is in Kenya then Museveni will have to bear with that. Again I don’t like the way he speaks calling our Luo Kenyans 'Jaluo' it's bad and that will promote tribalism and tension between Ugandans and Kenyans esp. those living on the border.

I'll watch the news tonight. I think Kenya is stronger than Uganda so we should not give them a chance to occupy our island again.

Wanna biddii have you heard what Museveni has said about Migingo Island as aired on KTN at 1pm today, courtesy of BBC? It’s unbelievable hearing the man term "Ati hao wajaluo wanang'oa reli? I will say no Jaluo will ever fish in Lake Victoria" These are the words he has uttered.

Is that the way the presidents are going to solve that issue putting into consideration that the demarcation is under way? In fact to my own thought I feel the 140 million will go to waste because he has already set his mind that Migindo is Ugandan. Is there anything that we as Kenyans can do
and safeguard the Kenyans on the island?