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Mogadishu, Somalia
02 May 2009

By Saeed Furaa in South Africa

Dear Fellow countrymen , I know you have been through alot since the start of this year, with postponement of our national elections, the world economic melt down among others, but allow me to congratulate the Somaliland Mediation team for your effortless work in creating sustainable understanding between the current government and the political parties, (UDUB, Kulmiye & Ucid). The mediation process and resolving diffcult issues in a peaceful manner is what made Somaliland to shine out of the horn of African conflict areas such as war torn Somalia.

Comrades, even though this remarkable achievement by the mediation team has been congratulated by many Somalilanders inside Somaliland as well in the Diaspora, but the agony of the election dates postpontment extends deeper in many Somalilander’s hearts (including myself) who like to see socio-polical and economic change taking place in Somaliland.

We have recently witnessed the US victorious elections and the more recently, the South African election, which went smoothly primarily because the election campaigns centered on change, change for the people and governmental institutions. In Somaliland we need the same change in our lives as citizens and in our governmental institutions. Democracy in simplest terms means the people’s power and will to elect their own government and their own leaders. We have the power as the Somaliland people to do that as we have wished that in recent time we were to do that, but sadly we didn’t.

Somaliland Upper House (Guurti) decided on 29 March 2009 that the election date has changed to 27th Sept 2009 for reasons unclear to the people of Somaliland. The core of the explanation was for security issues and lack of financial arrangements, lack of clear acceptance from Kulmiye Party on the previously changed date (31 May) among other things, in order to carry successful elections, however, it should be noted that when the first election date was announced the public justifiably assumed that all the necessary arrangements has been in place. The reasons which they advanced were issues which a responsible government and visionary leadership should take care of from the notification stage about the elections.

The Guurti has previously pronounced unprecedented decision which in their very restored the hopes and of the Somaliland people and this decision to change the election dates has arguably tarnished the image and the record they have set previously. It is common cause that the people of Somaliland wanted change and this elections held the new promise of a new Somaliland and the change undeniably extent the agony which most Somaliland people wanted through the power of the ballot. It goes without saying yet we say it that elections renew a national order and heighten the hopes of the public in their government.

We cannot dismiss the argument that corruption in government has reached unacceptable levels and we have a duty as people before God and one another with full view of our civic responsibilities, to change that state of affairs through the ballot.

Having mentioned the above information it is also noteworthy to mention that in most countries where there are upper houses most of them have received higher education or some other form of training in order to help them execute the duties and responsibilities that comes with the nature of the office they are occupying. The technology enhancement of the 21 century, has made for busy and engaged people like the Guurti of Somaliland to further their education while serving their nation. Democracy is a heavy duty and trained individuals, it is my view, understand the call that comes with this occupation and better able to execute the functions thereof. In simple terms the Guurti committed an a grave mistake in extending the period for elections because they extended without merit the occupancy of the current incumbent and that has problems of its own.

We must however appreciate the role the Upper House played in establishing the peaceful Somaliland as it is known currently in the world. It is through their ceaseless efforts that we have made unmatched strides in realizing ourselves as a nation in transition, transition from despair to hope, from war to peace, from destruction to building and reconstruction. It is my view that the duties before us as children of the soil will require the Guurti to take advantage of the resources we have and other educational institution in the country to execute democratic duties.

Saeed Furaa

South Africa

South Africa


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Great article. Welldone Saeed Furaa