Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Tuesday, March 3 2009

President Barack Obama wants the East African Community to assist the US in efforts to build a secure world.
In a letter to EAC secretary-general Juma Mwapachu, President Obama said the US and EAC could work together in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a more secure world.

The EAC countries and its neighbours have been on focus following insecurity in the region, lawlessness and terrorism activities.

Civil strife

The situation has been worsened by civil strife in northern Uganda, fighting in Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo and instability in parts of Sudan.

In his letter to Mr Mwapachu, made available to the Nation, President Obama said: “I look forward to working with you in that effort and in promoting good relations between the United States and the East African Community.”

With its economy centrally linked to the wider eastern and central African market, and with a potential to grow and expand into a significant centre of regional integration and development in Africa, the EAC is steering a steady course to broaden its world outreach and outlook.

The EAC signed the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (Tifa) with the US in August 2008. The accord initially covers the African Growth and Opportunity Act, the World Trade Organisation Doha Round trade facilitation and training.

Upper airspace

The EAC-USA Tifa and will provide the opening up of full blown economic engagement with the world’s leading and largest economy in a multi variety of areas of global economic partnership, including promotion of tourism and trade, a statement from EAC said.

Since 2006 the US Trade Development Agency has supported the development of the EAC aviation sub-sector to the tune of $566,000 towards the development of unified upper airspace of the EAC region, airports development and modernisation. The Tifa with the US is a major step towards deepening EAC global trade and investment promotion.

Building on its model, the EAC is exploring strengthened relations with other strategic partners in the world markets.