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February 1 2009

The two principals say government is overcoming negative effects of poll chaos
President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga at the weekend defended the Grand Coalition Government and gave hope of successfully overcoming the negative effects of post-election violence.

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Speaking at different international forums, they said the government was implementing political and economic reforms that will enable the country achieve a growth rate of more than 7 per cent.

President Kibaki spoke in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during an African Peer Review Mechanism Forum for Africa heads of states while Mr Odinga was addressing the Business Interaction Group Session of Kenya at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“I wish to assure members of this forum that the Grand Coalition government that we set up last year is working well for the Kenyan people,” he said in his speech.

National Accord

President Kibaki said the government had recorded considerable progress in line with the political reforms that were specified in the National Accord that ended months of fighting last year after the disputed Presidential elections.

He told the Addis forum that Kenya was determined to minimise the effects of famine which he has declared a national disaster.

APRM is a self monitoring mechanism towards the achievement of New Partnership for African Development (Nepad) goals.

In Davos, Mr Odinga said Kenya has a resilience to shocks and adversities and was coming out of the post-election violence with greater hope.

“We overcame swiftly the civil strife and violence that divided our nation a year ago. I am convinced that Kenya will come out of the current crisis much stronger,” he said.

The PM went ahead to market Kenya as an attractive place for investment.

Mr Odinga, who came back on Saturday evening, said a forum dubbed the “Kenya We Want Conference” will be held in Nairobi this week to foster national unity.


Submitted by jelnam
Posted February 02, 2009

Almost all commentaries here are no less ludicrous than the statements by our leaders..probably more so!! We are what we believe ourselves to be, and if we believe that we cannot grow our economy by 7% or more, then we have no business hoping for a saviour...and the economy will never be grown wholly by the few we call the government! Rather than trashing the message we should be looking for ways to actualise it, with or without Kibaki and his team!!!

Submitted by kenyamoja99
Posted February 02, 2009 01:02 PM

Mr. President when will you realise that we do not care about your figures? Only bigots will see that and say Kenya is developing. We are actually moving backwards with people dying everyday from insecurity, curable diseases, famine, lack of disaster preparedness etc. We need to root out corruption and its mother tribalism once and for all. Mr. President if you can't do the job just quit. The same applies to your ministers and PM. Kenyans are sick and tired!! Why did you fight for power if you all are obviously overwhelmed by the job?

Submitted by paulo1981
Posted February 02, 2009 11:41 AM

7% growth of a few within the corrupt looting government is true... It is possible beyond doubt. But for the masses/nation, it aint!

Submitted by thecreature
Posted February 02, 2009

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Looking at Kibaki's picture! I read self-centred, corrupt, uncaring, greedy, power hungry, sick, filthy rich... others should fill in the remaining 993 words!

Submitted by iawe
Posted February 02, 2009

Mr. President I'd never imagined you could be such a straight faced liar. 7 pc growth possible? You gotta be kidding. This country is literally spiralling out of control and soon it's gonna explode right into your face. Yes I agree with you that the coalition govt is working. It's working for you, the VP, the PM, his deputies and the MPs and not for the ordinary Kenyan.

Submitted by beejaychester
Posted February 02, 2009

President and Prime Minister - There is no way you can achieve that kind of economic growth in Kenya with the recurrent expenditure that you have now brought about with your big cabinet and other pet projects which are blood sucking Kenyans' tax money. Please stop putting up a stone fence when you don't have money to build the stone house.

Submitted by muthinja1
Posted February 02, 2009

Messrs Kibaki and Raila, you call post-election violence 'Months of fighting'? Keep pushing poor Kenyans against the wall with Grand Corruption, and I bet you'll live to see real fighting, when people kick the ilks of you out for real, for good!

Submitted by somoinaa
Posted February 02, 2009

These guys must be living in a Kenya in which I don't, from their rosy and self-placating reports they make of their so called progress and successes. Yeegh!!

Submitted by charlzk
Posted February 02, 2009

Is the Kenyan Gov girted with magic or what? 7% growth? the Us economy, the largest in the world, is contracting, plz explain to me how this will be possible in Kenya!

Submitted by NoMoreLies
Posted February 02, 2009

7% is POSSIBLE but only if the people who are in government stop CORRUPTION and NEPOTISM. Kibaki is paid more than Obama. lUCY kibaki gets a horrendous salary and perks for doing nothing. Triton crooks are let loose and KPC could be bankrupted. Without tackling high-level corruption, forget 7% growth.

Submitted by wanmt
Posted February 01, 2009

These two leaders know the marriage they are in was a stop-gap measure to handle a crisis. It was an interim arrangement. They should concentrate on repealing bad laws and enact good ones including a new and better constitition. They should not forget the reform agenda. The economy may not show positive growth rates due to negative global and local effects including several cases of grand corruption. Give no false hope.

Submitted by naliweliwalo
Posted February 01, 2009

Kibaki, I hope you did not send Uhuru to cook the books at Finance, as that is the only way Kenya can have a 7% growth! With inflation unofficially at 22%, it is impossible! Bure Kabisa!