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January 6 2009

Orengo: Muthaura's office a remnant of the Moi regime and had no place in the coalition Government.

Lands minister James Orengo has restated ODM’s plan to censure the Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura.

He said the office was a remnant of the Moi regime and had no place in the coalition Government.

“There is nowhere in the Constitution where we have such an office. We cannot have people assume powers not vested on them by the Constitution,” Mr Orengo said in reference to Mr Muthaura.

The statement comes just a day after 13 ODM ministers met their party leader, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, on what is said to have been a consultative meeting.

The meeting resolved to send the Parliamentary Group to table a motion in Parliament to censure Mr Muthaura.

In a news conference at the Serena Hotel Mr Orengo launched an attack on some “public servants” who “pretend to hold powers that they do not have.”

“Why should we have these people hanging around during Cabinet meetings? Why don’t they understand that this is a coalition Government and ODM is part of that regime?” Mr Orengo asked.

This is proof of a simmering disquiet in the coalition Government, with regard to a conflict of roles between the Office of the President, under which Muthaura works, and that of the Prime Minister.

“The powers of the Prime Minister are clear, he is there to supervise and coordinate Government issues. These powers are clearly bestowed upon him by the Constitution... they are not delegated powers,” Mr Orengo said.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua and President Kibaki’s special advisors Kivutha Kibwana and Raphael Tuju could also find themselves on the receiving end of ODM’s ire.

“This is an elected Government and decisions need to be made by the people who can take responsibility... not by mere busy-bodies masquerading as civil servants,” Mr Orengo said.

Thursday Cabinet meeting is set to be stormy with ODM vowing to table amendments to the Communications Act.

Mr Orengo, who was accompanied by deputy prime minister Musalia Mudavadi vowed to lobby against the implementation of the new Communications Act.

“We are prepared to go as far as this matter takes us. Nobody is going to stop us,” Mr Orengo said after the meeting.

ODM plans to adopt a two-pronged approach towards the settlement of the squabbles in the coalition, with regard to wresting “real power” from their PNU--ODM-K coalition partners.

The first is to censure the Head of Civil Service and if these fails, have the office placed under that of the Prime Minister. If this succeeds, Mr Muthaura could find it difficult to function effectively and will definitely be forced out.

“We intend to discuss (at the Cabinet meeting) the structure of Government and come up with a working and reasonable solution in real terms,” Mr Orengo said.

The second is to have the Parliamentary Group present laws in the august House and use its numbers to push through the necessary legislation for it to hold clout in Government.
This, the two ministers said, is to see equal partners running the Government and always consulting on issues of national importance.


Submitted by PMM75
Posted January 06, 2009 07:29 PM

Mr. Muthaura is head of Public service and secretary to the cabinet, Hon. Orengo understands that better than any Kenyan. I agree with Kinyanjui,,,he is a ''Busy Body'' Plus everybody is singing powers powers,,,what kenyans want is service delivery, even if it was PS in PMs office Vs Muthaura doing it,,who cares

Submitted by victorKinyanjui
Posted January 06, 2009 06:46 PM

Much as I hate Muthaura’s arrogance, I equally fail to understand who in the August House is not a “busy body”. Mr. Orengo – It is unconstitutional for public office holders NOT to pay tax! Or Is it NOT? At least Muthaura pays taxes and follows his Job Description to the Letter. What kind of “rocket scientist” do need to sort out this mess!

Submitted by wsnjau
Posted January 06, 2009 06:28 PM

Orengo had promised to resign if the communication bill ever became law. What is he still doing in government?

Submitted by SJ502
Posted January 06, 2009 06:13 PM

Why is Orengo telling us all these? After that 'thursday meeting' he will be back here again with more excuses and action plans to change things. Meanwhile,things are getting worse on all fronts.