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January 7 2009

Some former Electoral Commission of Kenya bosses are yet to surrender their official vehicles, weeks after the Government sent them packing.
When quizzed by the Nation, former ECK vice-chairperson Kihara Muttu could neither confirm nor deny if some of his colleagues were holding on to the vehicles.

Ill agenda

“We cannot say yes or no because we could be confirming someone’s ill-motivated agenda. I have always used my personal vehicle, and I am still using it,” he said.

A source said the former commissioners were still in office because their appointments are yet to be degazetted.

Mr Muttu said the former commissioners, who have asked for a Sh500 million send-off package, were yet to be told if they would get it.

The gratuity issue has sparked a row between the Office of the President and the Prime Minister.

Tax-free pay

Last week, the President’s Office reportedly assured the former ECK bosses that the pay-off would be calculated on the remainder of their term plus a lump sum. But the PM’s office has said the former commissioners do not deserve such large amounts of money.

The ECK commissioners were among the best paid civil servants in the country, each earning about Sh400,000 in salary and allowances while former chairman Samuel Kivuitu earned Sh513,000 in salary and allowances. The pay is tax-free.

In a related development, members of a transition team appointed by the President’s Office to oversee the changeover at the electoral body are keeping away from the Anniversary Tower offices.

This follows an order by Prime Minister Raila Odinga that the offices remain closed until a new team had been constituted.

Meanwhile, Mr Kivuitu and his team got a breather after a court extended an order stopping their prosecution in relation to the 2007 General Election.

The case was filed by a Kuresoi voter, Mr Julius Melli, who wants the commissioners charged with abuse of office.


Submitted by wanasen
Posted January 08, 2009 05:12 PM

They dont deserve any special treat for now. They should quit for good..keeping in mind that they are yet to pay for the desaster they caused during the elections.. i wish you worked genuinely..those who you were doing favours no longer know you..its a lesson to all.

Submitted by syindumyaki
Posted January 08, 2009 03:34 PM

The ECK former officials shd have been degazetted like yesterday. They are not entitled to any pay. infact, they shd be surcharged for the loss kenya incurred in all the sectors. Let them return those cars and stop taking the country forgranted.

Submitted by manmanu
Posted January 08, 2009 03:14 PM

Why should they get any money? for what? how many millions if kenyans will never see the kind of money they got in a month through out their life times? They should be charged and jailed and fined or both.

Submitted by asma_756
Posted January 08, 2009 02:07 PM

My question to anyone who has insight is - what werent these people put on a tribunal to be tried? Is it because someone was going to speak the truth and shock the nation? If they are guilty - then try them and jail them. Not send them off! I smell a rat!!!

Submitted by emgoja
Posted January 08, 2009 06:52 AM

No wonder the ECK Officers do not want to quit even when the public is not for them any more.Salaries of up to half a million and tax free? who would like to part with that kind of money? Any way these people should face the law for the misuse of office, that led the country into chaos and deaths.

Submitted by lucynation
Posted January 08, 2009 02:30 AM

I hope the new commissioners will pay taxes and also anyone in the nation, especially those in the public service who is not paying taxes OUGHT TO start doing so. It is the greatest injustice a nation can do to its citizens, having some pay tax, while others are exempt. Very bad governance indeed.