Tuesday, December 9, 2008



December 09, 2008
By M’mbolo Bulemi

Armed gangsters on Sunday night raided a house belonging to President Mwai Kibaki’s son in Kileleshwa and took hostage the General Service Unit (GSU) officers guarding the premises. In a dramatic incident involving six gangsters, the thugs are said to have confiscated AK47 assault rifles belonging to the two officers before bundling them into a secluded place within the compound where they tied them with ropes.

They then proceeded to ransack the house for valuables. However, details about property stolen during the incident were scanty with police sources remaining economical with facts. The house reportedly belongs to President Kibaki’s last born son Anthony Kibaki. The President has four children including Judy Kibaki, Jimmy Kibaki, David Kagai and Anthony. Anthony was not in the house when the raid took place, which is situated along River Side Drive in Kileleshwa, although reports indicate that those in the house were roughed up by the gangsters.

Unlike the others, Jimmy Kibaki and Kibaki’s eldest daughter were in the limelight during campaigns in the run-up to last year’s general election, Antony has not. The 8pm incident saw the GSU officers from Recce Company lose their arms which were fully loaded. An AK-47 assault rifle usually has two magazines, each containing 32 bullets. Recce is a specialised police unit trained to provide protection to VIPs and normally, an AK 47 of this cadre of officers carries two magazines, each containing 32 bullets.

It is thus suspected that apart from the rifles, the thugs made away with 128 rounds of ammunition alongside the guns during the raid. The Recce and G Company are trained in the protection of VIPs as well as rescue and evacuation operations, including crowd control. According to sources, three of the suspects first sought to speak to a Mr. Mwaniki. The watchman who was manning the gate is said to have allowed them into the compound.

At that time, the GSU officers are said to have been in a jovial mood; one was browsing through a newspaper while the other officer was said to have been enjoying a cup of tea. The gangsters are reported immediately swung into action, drew guns, getting the officers unawares and easily disarmed them. They then securely bound the officers to ensure their operation was not botched up. A senior police officer yesterday described the incident as "a fairy-tale" saying that it may have been stage-managed.

"It is hard to believe that the thugs can easily walk into such a well guarded compound and take such well trained officers hostage. There is something that does not add up," said the officer who spoke on condition of anonymity. And when contacted for comment, Police Spokesman Erick Kiraithe could not divulge the details of the incident, only saying it was now subject to investigations by detectives. However, he said no arrests had been made regarding the raid saying the two offices were in custody assisting with investigation.

Sources said the officers in question have since been interdicted and could soon be charged in court for negligence of duty. Elsewhere on Sunday night, police gunned down five suspected criminals who were on a robbing spree in Kahuro division of Murang’a North district. Sh24,000, 12 mobile cell phones, a meko jiko, alcohol pumps, cameras and an assortment of crude weapons were recovered from the slain suspects.

Area deputy police commander Mathews Mang’ira said the suspects were part of a seven-man gang that had stormed three local pubs and robbed patrons of cash, mobile phones and personal valuables in the 10 pm incident. He said two of their accomplices, however, managed to escape the police dragnet but with serious gun shot wounds. Mr. Mang’ira said: "Police acted on a tip off from members of the public soon after the gang had robbed patrons at the second pub named Ndikwe Bar."

The suspects had earlier ordered patrons and revellers at Gatheru bar to lie down before making away with Sh10,000 from the tavern. They proceeded to Gaitega Bar where they relieved their victims of their valuables and cash. Police who were in hot pursuit caught up with the gang moments after they had left the third pub and ordered them to surrender, said the OCPD. "In defiance, the suspects attempted to escape prompting the police to open fire on them", added Mr. Mang’ira. The officer thanked the community for embracing the Community Policing policy and asked them for their continued support in efforts to weed out criminals from the area.