Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Published on 14/12/2008
By Stevens Muendo

Radio airwaves queen Caroline Mutoko now describes her Friday ordeal with the police as "intimidating but amazingly peaceful." The Kiss FM Breakfast Show presenter was among journalists arrested at Nyayo stadium on Friday morning during the Jamhuri Day celebrations over charges, which are yet to be spelt. "The police (at Langatta police station) treated us amazingly well apart from one or two who tried to create tension ideally for us to react into their trap. But we remained calm over the intimidating nine hours at the station," Carol told MondayBlues on the telephone on Saturday afternoon. "The only shocking thing is that they could not tell our lawyers why we had been arrested. There were no charges pressed against us and all the time, they kept saying that they were waiting for word from above. Even then, they were not rude," disclosed Caroline whose co presenters, Larry Asego and Jalango, had also been arrested. Amazingly, the officers asked to be given one of the T-shirts — with a bold statement on MPs failure to pay tax — the media personalities had been wearing before the arrest.

On Saturday, Caroline and Community Based Organisations chairman Tom Aosa spent the best part of the day at Nairobi Women’s Hospital where Fredrick Odhiambo — who was roughed up by security at the Jamhuri celebrations venue — was admitted for two days. "He is very hurt. He is in such pain. In fact, I was so moved that I had to pay his hospital bill," said Caroline.

Nyambane behind bars over Bill
Leading stand-up comedian-cum-radio presenter Walter Mongare aka ‘Nyambane’ was released from police custody on Saturday after 21 hours of "humiliation and great intimidation".

"My arrest and consequent lock-up was a clear indication that the police and the force behind the arrest has no respect for the media. They could not even find grounds why they arrested me even after locking me in for a day and night," Nyambane told MondayBlues.

"I did not break any law. I did not shout at anyone yet they arrested and mishandled me to great public humiliation," said a bitter Nyambane. The comedian was arrested at Nyayo Stadium on Friday during the Jamhuri Day celebrations. Asked if he would pursue the matter, the celebrated actor told MondayBlues: "What they (the police) did, they did. Hio imejisimamia (that stands as a remark)."

Nollywood celebrities seek Raila
Celebrity Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot and veteran actor Justus Esiri are seeking Prime Minister Raila Odinga and will be flying to Nairobi for different missions. "I shared a word with Raila early this year and we had an elaborate conversation on how African films can be used to champion peace in Africa," said the Blessed Among Women actor. "Raila is a vocal leader and I believe he will share my views that we don’t need the West to come and solve the conflicts in Africa. We can do this ourselves," he added, noting that he was planning to come to Nairobi for a meeting with the PM. Desmond Elliot — another Nollywood star — confided to MondayBlues that he was also looking forward to meeting Raila when he comes to Kenya for a film festival early next year. "I am even considering coming to Nairobi next week (this week). I am considering joining politics in the recent future and I would like to borrow one or two leadership skills from Raila," said Desmond.

So much love in the airwaves…
There is so much love in the air this holiday season, you can almost touch it! Call it the season of the love bug! On Saturday, KTN Sports News anchor Robert Soi tied the knot with his girlfriend of years, Catherine Wambua of Al Jazeera in a colourful ceremony at the Nairobi National Park. The couple later hosted their guests to a wonderful dinner party at Rangers Restaurant where Catherine lost her shoes as she danced her big day off. For the best part of the evening, Catherine danced to the tunes of Lil Wayne hits and an assortment of Crunk jam with her sisters as a jovial Soi watched, chatting with friends.

It was the same day when Bramwel (of Citizen TV) exchanged marriage wows with his love Jacinta. And we can boldly report that two other KTN ‘girls’ have already started arrangements for their weddings scheduled slated for mid next year. As Soi and Catherine were tying the knot, another celebrated KTN news anchor Lilian Muli, was hosting her fiancÈe at her parent’s rural home where they formalised their relationship. And local music celebs are swimming in the same wave. After CMB Prezzo and Abass quit the bachelors’ club a couple of weeks ago, Wyre commonly referred as Love Child in showbiz circles, is set to walk down the aisle on Saturday. And did you know that TMK’s leading light Mheshimiwa Temba also tied the knot yesterday as his Bongo Flava counterpart Mwana FA dismissed rumours that he was wedding through a new song Unaoa Lini (Bado Nipo Nipo).