Monday, October 13, 2008



By Jerry Okungu
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
October 13, 2008

At this stage in Obama’s quest for the oval office, I am keeping my options open.

Being the realist that I am, I must accept that anything and everything under the sun can happen. Like Fidel Castro, I must live with the fear and reality that America; the land of opportunities is also full of psychos that would stop at nothing to derail the fortunes of the first possible black tenant at the White House. After all, they have done it before. The same goons, the same psychopaths stopped Martin Luther King, JF Kennedy and Robert Kennedy in their tracks. The three great Americans preached change and were bent on transforming America.

The history of race relations between Blacks and Whites has been a sad history of violence, deprivation and suppression. Without the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s that cost Martin Luther King and Malcolm X their lives, Obama would today probably not be running for President of the United States of America. He would probably be fighting for the same rights that Luther and X fought for over four decades ago.

If today, Barack Obama were to die because some Americans did not want him to be President, he would not be the first to succumb to destiny. Great men and women in history have travelled the same path and lived to be immortal in death. History is full of such great brave men that defied the odds to do what they thought was right.
Had JFK Kennedy feared Edger Hoover and all those underworld mafiasos that saw him as a threat to the establishment, he would never have run for president and won. Had Robert Kennedy chickened out of the race to the White House soon after his brother was assassinated, the Kennedy family would have a different story to tell.

Likewise if Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and other Civil Rights activists had chickened out in the fight against Civil Rights injustices, America would still be a land of the oppressed blacks. In a conflict situation like the USA of the 1960s or India of the 1940s or even in Kenya of the 1960s, some heroes lose their lives in battle while others live to tell their story. For the same reason, Barack Obama must keep his eyes on the prize, never to chicken out for fear of violent America. If America decides that he must go; so be it; because cowards die a thousand deaths before their time.

However, there is one thing that those mad men and women baying for Obama’s blood must know. This is the 21st Century. Those political assassinations America carried out in the last century may not wash with this century. In today’s world, America has become just a small part of the global village. Eliminating a world class citizen like Obama will not be an American thing as usual. It will be a world tragedy with unprecedented consequences.

Black leaders may have been easy targets for racist Americans in the past. It may not be any longer in this day and age.

And just to jog our memories; let us remember what happened to Los Angeles when some three racist White policemen beat one Black American called King over a decade ago. America had not seen that Black rage before. It was unprecedented yet King was a no-body in political terms.

Other than street riots that such an incident may unleash on America; it is the kind of act that will create more American terrorists inside America. These violent anti- Americans will not be Muslim Arabs answerable to some Osama Bin Laden. They will be White and Black Americans who believed in Obama and felt cheated by their own system!
The great America may experience self destruction when their only hope; the man whose message was the message of hope for all Americans is stopped in his tracks.

But more importantly; the kind of support Obama has elicited worldwide; from Africa to Asia and Europe will make it difficult for Americans to operate in a business as usual mindset. Hatred for America will triple with dire consequences for American businesses and installations worldwide. They will have to bomb at least 80 to 100 countries to quell a general uprising of one kind or the other. Hawaii, Indonesia, Chicago and Obama City in Japan will not take it kindly. Even helpless Kogelo clan in Kenya will be unhappy with Americans!

So, the most sensible thing is to let Obama campaign and win or lose. Let McCain whip his "you know” in the debate and in the campaigns without hooligans asking him to “get Obama” because right now, Barack Obama is live wire. Stepped on, it could explode with dire consequences for the whole of America and the world.